Snowfall, Hills and Blue Sky

near solang valley, kullu manali, himachal pradesh.

A picture clicked by me in the month of February of this year. Location – A place near Solang Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India)…!!

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Great photo!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Vikas. I love your photo and the snow looks so deep!

    • occultoantonio
    • December 8th, 2011

    excellent… you’re good.

  4. i definitely get a sense of awe and mystery in these snow rich photos. I like that. aloha

  5. one of my dream to be in snow place.

  6. Thank you for letting us be there too . . .in a way! 🙂

  7. great shot Vikas, love it!!!

  8. The vastness of the area makes the trees look very tiny almost toy like. 🙂

  9. True…….:)

  10. So beautiful! Just goes to show how ignorant I am–I had no Idea that India could look like this!

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