The Universe and Connection

The Universe, our connection with it.

Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA

The universe is full of wisdom and if one try to learn or pay a little attention to it, if one try to understand about it a little then at one point somewhere it will amaze you how we all are connected with each other and with all the things. In the time period when you’re trying to understand about the universe, you will suddenly realize how a single perception, how a single conception plays a role in our life. The universe is amazing, so are you, let the universe be your teacher, a lot to learn from its infinity.

    • asuka11
    • August 19th, 2012

    The Universe … you are a part of it, but do you feel like that? Are you conscious of your connection with it ? Just a thought…

    • There are reasons why I’ve written that we are all connected, if you really want to know the reasons then read the following things…
      Just trying to explain it briefly: Cells are made of molecules,molecules are made of atoms; humans and all the beings are made of cells and hence, we are made up of various molecules and atoms. Now from where did these atom come from and how were they made? The answer to these questions lies in the creation of the universe. Long ago when the universe formed, at that time subatomic particles assembled into atoms and they formed hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen, the first element ever formed in the universe, the simplest type of atom. After that as the universe aged other elements were also created and that’s why it’s said that every element on earth, except for the lightest was created in the some massive stars.
      Every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially a stardust as hydrogen is a big bang dust. Our body is composed of billions of billion of atoms and in all these atoms some of them are hydrogen.
      Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water and water usually makes up 55%-78%(approx.) of the human body and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass and from this, we can say that 92.5-93.7%(approx.) of the mass in our body is stardust. So, we are all made up of stardust or atoms, which were created in the universe long ago.
      Calcium in our bones, Iron in our blood all were created in some massive stars!
      However, I’m well aware of the fact that truth can be a lot different from the theories, physics, philosophies, facts, understanding or whatever!

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