In Any Form!

Separation is merely an illusion. We mostly see a physical separation, we mostly feel a physical separation but even after physical separation, we remains connected with all the people and with all the other things by mentally. Physical and mental separation exist as long as we are alive, as long as a body is connected with the mind and the heart, as long as we keep breathing. We are all eternally connected, we are all atomically connected, everything is interconnected with all the other things. Actually, it’s an endless connection, an eternal interconnection. We fear the illusion of separation which is actually the fear of physical separation. Physical separation, which is synonymous with pain and humans do fear the pain in any form.

-Vikas Sharma

  1. i don’t know about “fear” pain, it just doesn’t feel as good as feeling a light touch by another human being.

    • Light can be luring, it’s upto individual on which path he wants to tread. Moreover, it’s the light, a clear mind, a clear perception which can make our world better and more better. Harmony in mind is always needed to realize the actual light. 🙂

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    that which is in UR physical reality is Real.

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