Conquering Yourself

When you tread on the paths in the mountains, when you walk in the woods ingrained with silence, when you gaze to the mountains covered with snow, when you are in between the trees, trees standing tall with pride as if they owns the mountain, mountain in which their roots cuddle the soil, when you sit by near a calm waterfall under a moon light, when you listen to the proud roar of river flowing in the valley then it will generate some precious thoughts in your head, just try to watch inside yourself. Traveling in the mountains is one of those things where it’s between you and the mountains. There will be no one to cheer you up to climb it, it has nothing to do with the fame and the name and it’s not about running from the things. It’s about conquering yourself.

Have a Good Day/Night Friends ~ Vikas Sharma

  1. beautifully written!

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