Peace and World

Recently, I’ve spent few days in the hills of Himachal, few days in Shimla and few days in Mandi. Weather was rainy as it is a rainy season in that part of the Earth from June to September which can be problematic for the locals or maybe they’re use to it. Actually, I was there on some kind of official visit not to travel, enjoy and explore things but still I managed few moments to stroll around the place.



I find serenity and pleasure when I watch those hills and clouds, maybe because I love to be in the nature as it nourishes my mind with positive thoughts.

Expand The Horizon-Shimla3


Some may find hills better to travel or some may find plains, some may find both or some may find nothing. I think it actually depends on how a person perceives things; a person won’t find peace anywhere if there is no peace in the mind.



Positive state of mind is obviously needed to have peace in mind, with peace in mind we realizes the real beauty of things.



The best thing which I love to do is traveling to different places, to watch the sun at different horizons, to feel the gentle cool breeze on the face, to watch the clouds forming different formations, to explore and relish beauty of the planet, to learn from the things around me, and of course sometimes to write down my thoughts and experiences too. Yes! I love and enjoy being in the nature and exploring the things.

Have a good day/night all ~ Vikas Sharma


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