To Travel is to Live

In a beautiful serene place climbing a mountain, a hike, sitting by side a waterfall, strolling on a meadow or a walk into woods will make you feel to be in bliss. To be in nature and surrounded by its beauty is amazingly refreshing. The fresh and gentle cool breeze on your face will blow its own freshness into you, tall trees and huge mountains around you will make you feel crazy in an awesome way, at some places you feel like above clouds or surrounded by clouds. Nature can offer us many epic and remembering moments only if we know how to be in nature, its tranquility will flow into us as sunshine flows on our planet only if we know how to be in nature.
I always find it amazing and tranquil to be in nature, surrounded by mountains and nature’s beauty. Standing on top of the mountain and looking at the world below makes me smile for some few reasons. I love to travel; it makes me feel so alive and refreshes my mind to the core. Somebody rightly said that to travel is to live and I wish to travel more doesn’t matter whether in hills or plains. I wish to experience, explore and learn more and I hope will.

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