Another Brick in The Wall

It’s quite cold here at my place in Chandigarh, weather has been foggy and cloudy since last week so haven’t felt the warmth of the sun since then and today right now when I’m writing this post I’m traveling in the hills of Himachal somewhere, for some official reasons. I am very well aware of the fact that this kind of weather can create problems to some people, and also some people don’t like this kind of weather for some reasons. But for me, I really enjoy winters in many ways.
It’s again the same thought which struck in my mind again as I Look through the window of my bus that how we create our own reality. I mean, reality is individualistic, we create our own reality. The way I perceive the world doesn’t necessarily other would perceive the same or the way you perceive doesn’t necessarily I would perceive the same way. Our experiences, knowledge and wisdom shapes our thinking, and our collective thinking is what determines the way we look at the world. If a tree falls in a jungle, and I’m not there to notice or experience it that doesn’t mean this event doesn’t happened. Moreover, it’s easy to be an another brick in the wall and I’m trying to be not.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma

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