Sometimes, it’s good to know

Sometimes, it is good to know how others perceive you or to know what the people who know you thinks about you because that may means that’s how you reflect yourself to others, not certainly but it could mean that. We can know how we are reflecting/representing ourselves by observing and self analysing ourselves, by knowing or observing the opinion of the people or the criticism of us by the people around us, it depends on us how we take it. We just have to be confident on what we are doing and keep ourselves open to any criticism or opinion believing that it can help us to make some changes for betterment. Knowing your reputation or knowing how people perceive you can either tell you to grow greater or make some self changes, it entirely depends on how you’re observing yourself and others.

If people say I’m narcissist, then that might means I do represent myself as a narcissist human, I might be doing some activities which are representing me as a narcissist human. If people say I’m a respectable, modest and intelligent human, then that might means I present myself as a respectable, modest and intelligent human to others. It can be said that both the scenario not certainly but can be based on how I’m representing myself.

I think it’s not right to tell people to not care about what others think of you. You cannot live in this world with you and yourself only. We are humans, and we reflect what we think. So what others think about us can influence on how we live too. Our mental well-being resides on human interaction, and humans judge, we have a part of the brain called the frontal lobe for that reason. We have to evaluate whether someone is a threat or set back to our life or is a good influence. So observing yourself and others is good as it can help us to make some good changes.

I do believe that we cannot live in the world to please everybody but knowing how others perceive us can help us in our betterment. So I wouldn’t agree with the saying don’t give a shit what other think of you as sometimes we have to. In the end, it’s just about being true to yourself, to your behavior and to your world, and not everyone is going to click, we just have to be ready to make changes for betterment and life will unfold before us.

Much Love ~ Vikas Sharma

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