What’s up?

I wish I could travel more to all the places which I want to see and explore, to all the places where I can gain new experiences and see the sun from different horizons, to all the beautiful places where I can feel the newness, serenity and freshness in the air but so far my professional life has taken over all the things. I’m not whining or anything like that but it’s just sometimes I wish to get into somewhere to experience new things, to explore more and roam like travelers. But as of now, all I can do is thinking of a time when I could get a few days to roam like a traveler, though I am continuously traveling since last few days and I do it frequently but all due to official reasons which actually means I hardly get any time to roam around the places where I go or stay up, haha!
Little tired right now and about to sleep but whatsoever I am doing well at my place and you all beautiful people keep rocking 🙂

  1. Vikas,

    I get to live vicariously thru my sister who lives in the Middle East and travels all over the world. This year she went to Budapest for New Years. Two summers ago she walked the Camino Santiago across Spain. Not exactly like being there but when she shares stories, pictures and blogs she gives me new ideas for places to go.



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