A belief is having trust, faith and confidence in something or someone. It is one of the internal feelings which contribute in shaping our way of thinking and our perception too. When our belief changes, it changes our thinking and perception too. A belief is like a slide at a water park. If you fight it, you are just going to hurt yourself. You have to realize yourself that which slide to choose, which slide to ride, which slide to face, and which slide would be better. You are the one who chooses the slide and your mind is what helps you by giving you the options of what slide you want to ride on. Fighting a belief could be frustrating and would not lead to nowhere; so if you find yourself in such a situation of fighting against your belief then it’s always better to give up that belief with a change, be free from it; give up a belief which no longer serves you and makes sense to you.

Whereas fear is a lack of belief or faith in something or someone but actually there no such thing as lack of belief, it itself is a belief in believing lack of belief, there is only abundance when we look it in regard of beliefs. The reason why fear feels bad is because when you are in fear, your belief is not in alignment with your higher self. We all are naturally abundant in beliefs, you will experience a lack of belief only till the point you realize how you are all surrounded by beliefs. Sometimes, all we have to do is just investigate our beliefs and logically work out how our beliefs are serving us, and if they are not then create a new conscious belief that feels good to think about and makes much more sense.

In the end, I would say, it’s better to give up a belief which feels obsolete to us than fighting it, and by giving up a belief I mean to say change your belief. Yes! Change your belief instead fighting against it and that would be the way to go, we cannot be lack of belief as there is no such thing as lack of belief. Beliefs are infinite, if not one then there is other to fit in, choosing the better is essential to expand our horizons.

Have a good day all ~ Vikas Sharma

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    challenge the belief that beliefs are something we must hold to identify ourselves with or define others by, and always be ready to expand what your belief may happen to present as possibilities!

  2. I totally agree on this one.

  3. Changing the belief. Ignites thought.

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  5. Belefs form the foundation for will and respect .
    Live on them
    They change perspectives
    It’s belief which fulfils

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