Art of Patience

Sometimes the path on which we tread seems all hill up and hard, sometimes it feels like we are in a dark tunnel with no end and feels like lost, disappointed and frustrated. My experience says that sometimes it’s all about knowing and believing in the art of patience, and keep working on right side with positive mindset. Sometimes, one has to have too much of patience as sometimes we are just about to give up without realizing that the end of a tunnel always has more light than the middle. Whenever I find myself in a dark tunnel I hold on to the string of patience, it’s not easy to follow the path of patience but if you know you’re moving in a right direction then patience is the must thing to have within you. It’s important to know where to put patience to spend your time wisely not foolishly. I’m still learning all this, journey of life is a long learning process and I count life in the best and toughest teachers as it teaches you by experience and exposure.

Peace ~ Vikas Sharma

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    I ask god, “haven’t I built enough character yet?” Hell cannot be as bad as this life; but keep going. Thank god for birth control and no kids in this world of atrocities.

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    • The Traveloholic
    • May 18th, 2015

    True words πŸ™‚

  3. Absolutely Vikas…I am on the same path as you but a bit behind.

    • Life keeps on teaching us lessons, it’s up to us if we’re listening to it or not. Patience is one of them. I’m just trying to learn from the experiences πŸ™‚

  4. I believe life is a journey of experiences…that is how we learn and we need to put every effort into it. If you don’t learn, you can be faced with consequences that you do not like or know how to handle.

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