Responsibility, Fault, Learn

I just don’t get people’s negativity, to the point that they blame all the external factors whether it be other people or be the world around them. Things they have no control of yet let these things control their mood, thinking and reality. How is that going to help, will it?

No one is responsible for our own misery as much as we ourselves and moreover most of the time solution lies in ourselves, in our perception and in our ability to take responsibility regardless of whether or not we are at fault. Have courage, take responsibility, accept your fault if any, strive for best if you really want to and keep learning; blaming and finding others fault won’t be of any use to resolve our own personal things.

Blaming other is easy but accepting our own fault is not. Understand yourself first to be at peace with yourself, it will make you better equipped to face the world. That’s what I think to which some might agree and some might not probably due to their own reasons and experiences.

Peace and Love ~ Vikas Sharma

  1. whenever something is wrong, i look first to myself because i know that if i can find it wrong there, i can fix that most easily. yet, i have also learned that its often not me. we live in a world that is deviant beyond my understanding and i must recognize and honor that truth as well.

    so, i have found that whenever i find myself observing, saying, being critical or complaining or just plain bitching about something three times, that’s when i sit myself down and say, ok, its me too. and really buckle down on the issue at hand and find the habit pattern to breakup and restructure with a change i want to see.

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    if you are ok that its you, its so easy to fix it because you desire to be better, right?! =)

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