It’s Beautiful to Enjoy Solitude

It’s better to be in solitude for a while at times than having meaningless conversations over and over with someone whom you don’t want to spend your time with. Here I’m not talking about avoiding conversation with anyone; I’m just talking about having exhausting and meaningless conversations, and about solitude.

I find it better to figure out myself, do the things I want to do, lost in my thoughts, traveling, strolling around the places alone than being with someone who is faking, irritating or with whom I find it difficult to share time over unnecessary conversations. It’s meaningless and exhausting to spend time with people you really don’t want to spend your time with, and whereas sometimes it’s beautiful and enlightening to even enjoy solitude, and of course it is easy to enjoy solitude only when it isn’t forced.

There is a different pleasure, tranquility and power in being able to find contentment in solitude and if you are able to be content or cheerful in your alone times then even in the emptiest times in your life you can find serenity and happiness. It’s only you who can turn aloneness into good solitude, the good solitude has a constructive purpose, it may still hurt occasionally but if you know what it’s for, how it can be utilized and how it can be good for you, then the solitude can be enjoyable and would teach you something worth to learn.

By all this I just want to say, you don’t always need someone around you, as sometimes it’s good to be in solitude and to expand our horizons we need to go through both the phases. I’m not suggesting solitude is better than being with people. I’m just expressing what I feel and have experienced, sometimes it’s impossible to completely avoid aloneness in life, but remember it’s worth being open to get in solitude for a while till you get around someone to whom you can connect well than spending time with someone over meaningless conversations.


Vikas Sharma

  1. Most of the time it’s beautiful to enjoy solitude! 😀

    • Depends, being with someone and being alone are two different worlds. In solitude, you’re just with you, who understands every lil thing about you, who knows every unspoken words of yours, who knows what all there’s in your mind, you’re the only one to judge yourself. And whereas being with someone is different world, here you’re with your friends, colleagues, parents, and more people… Both are different worlds, and have their own significance.. 🙂

      • Ummm but do we know our own selves that perfectly?

        • About perfection, it only exists for objective qualities where something meets the defined standard. Something subjective it can’t be perfect but can be better and more better. By using “everything” in above comment I didn’t mean perfection, it’s just about being self-aware, which itself is an ever going process. Better understanding of ourselves comes with self-awareness, and to find out the answer for whether we are self-aware or not first we have to take control of our lives. Do we know everything about our own selves? Yes, at some point we feel it but then there’s more within us which comes out, and this is the way it goes. Self-awareness is an ever going process. 🙂

        • By saying “perfectly” I didn’t mean profound perfection, just that we don’t know ourselves completely.
          We are still an enigma to our ownself.

        • Anything which can’t be reflected upon, can neither be analyzed like a physical phenomena. We are an enigma to ourselves when we know our own selves by means of thoughts and actions, not by our self-reflection.
          PS:Here I’m not getting into biological history/details

        • And yeah solitude takes you away from the crazy world out there. 🙂

        • Yes, agree, at times. I enjoy to get in solitude for a while with me, I do(or try to practice) it whenever I feel like to, but being in solitude to figure out ourselves is different than being in solitude to run away from the things
          Have a nice time 🙂

  2. As the technology grips us and we all create little solitary bubbles around us, the West seems to be promoting the idea of how to be content with solitude.

  3. Really nice post Vikas …..I reckon solitude is a part of growing up.

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