Flying Pollutant Fighters

Here’s something about on the concept of Flying Pollutant Fighter created by Pasca Gragier, I find it quite interesting.

Desinger: Pasca Gragier

Flying Pollutant Fighter_01

Flying pollutant fighter is a creative and interactive way to monitor and purify air quality created by Pasca Grangier who was inspired by dandelion flower, the airy design consists of lightweight “Flowies”. It can monitor the air quality as it floats all around like airborne jellyfish and it can also collect data using pollution sensors. When they return to their basic station, the data is collected and relayed to the user who can then make adjustment to improve the air quality according to the collected data.Flying Pollutant Fighter_02

Better yet, the “Flowies” are phosphorescent so they give off a beautiful, soothing, subtle glow at night as they float around, these glowing “dandelion flower” floating all around surely can bring users a wonderful night as well.Flying Pollutant Fighter_04Flying Pollutant Fighter_03Flying Pollutant Fighter_06Flying Pollutant Fighter_07

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