So The Question Is

Control implies effort and effort distorts direct perception.

The key is not to control fear, but to understand the nature and structure of fear. Fear is a product of thought. Fear does not even come into being until after a frightening episode is over and thought says – “that was scary!” During the incident itself, intelligence acts; fear only comes about when thought interferes. So the question is, can we understand our fears and eradicate them?

  1. This is written so clearly. I called my friend over from the other room and read it to her. Thanks for making me think!

  2. if the mind is silent, it will not process the aftermath of the event

    • Sona Rulz
    • September 6th, 2015

    Who cares !!!
    btw the man in the pic is very handsome… is this ut elder brother?

    • Haha! I’m not publishing posts for anyone, welcome to those who wish to read, it’s their choice, and certainly it doesn’t matter if anyone gives a damn about it or not, will anybody answer/comment or not. I publish what I feel and what interests me without thinking about – will anybody care?

      Have a good day!

        • Sona Rulz
        • September 6th, 2015

        I meant who cares to fear when such a handsome man is my friend…. Mr Sharma 🙂

        • Sorry, I don’t know you. You’re talking about whom?

          • Sona Rulz
          • September 6th, 2015

          I dint say I know u

  3. I got a little distracted by the comments above. Yes, I do agree you are handsome and you are a great writer. This is a well written post.

  4. I am not sure I agree if it is intelligence that acts alone. Fear is a powerful propeller – a wrong one, but powerful. I need to think honestly.

    • Understanding our fears is something different, first step would be to analysis whether our fears are for right or not as fears can be positive or it can be negative.

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