Food for Thought #1

When we are so hooked up in our beliefs, our ways of thinking, and our habits, we can’t seem to see or do anything outside of our comfort zone. When our views and habits are so rigid, inflexible, and hard to break, it seems like changing of anything is impossible or impractical, and having a better society or anything other would seem impractical too.

But here the question is – how to see beyond this line of impracticality?

Letting ourselves to figure out delusion and reality would be good but then we are so deeply conditioned by our environment, which consists of culture, education, belief systems and societal constructs ranging from gender ideas to assumptions on human nature. Our entire economic doctrines are built under the assumption that humans are inherently selfish or greedy. So how are we to make sense of what is real, what is practical, what is possible when our entire environment is built on layers of beliefs?

First step would be to let our thoughts to be flexible and mind open to understand freely,  there is a reality beyond the construct of the mind and as long as we live within the confines of the ego mind we cannot conceive of a reality that is beyond what we assume is practical or impractical living, we take our sorrow and confusion to be necessary and inevitable. We don’t think beyond it, we don’t look to end it.

Our practical world today is a horror show. Not generalizing but our education hinders learning, our doctors destroy health, our media sells us lies, our food is poisoned, our resources are running scarce, there is so much poverty and destruction and we live in such a way where an elite few are prosperous while the majority beat each other over nonsensical ideals and labels.

Food for thought:

Any man who points out this madness would seem radical – change yourself and the world will change on its own.

Have a good time ~ Vikas Sharma

  1. “Any man who points out this madness would seem radical – change yourself and the world will change on its own.”
    The most spectacular line I’ve read today!

  2. How is your writings so deep. It’s so awesome to read these . Sometimes half way through the article we feel like an enlightened soul. You take such great things to our attention that most of don’t even think about. I enjoyed how you gave us hope to change ourselves at the end. Terrific man. Just brilliant.

  3. wise words, thanks for sharing 🙂

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