Force in Equilibrium

The more I look at the deceptive side of this world,

The more whirling chaos rise up inside my mind led by unrest,

Listening several incoherent gloomy whispering voices all at once,

It crumbles my peace of mind with all its full thrust,

All these voices wrap around my mind and seep deep into my soul,

Standing on the edge of serenity in the corridor full of echoes I feel lost,

Segregating from the deeply deceived lost world and all its colors,

I try to escape my soul from the fractured thoughts and all its horrors,

Everything falls normal as when I look at the unexaggerated side,

And unhitch myself from being a part of the delusion or facade,

I find it better to be in solitude and now a lone walk brings up more tranquility,

From here now it doesn’t even matter whether the path is clear or misty,

Now I learned the way to ignore those incoherent gloomy whispering voices,

I feel calm to sit beside my thoughts, gaze into the sky as winds blow across my face,

Now there are no more fractured thoughts, no moments of internal riots.

~ Vikas Sharma

    • Dara Reidyr
    • September 15th, 2015

    Loved it! Thanks.

    • Sona Rulz
    • September 15th, 2015

    whenever am thru such tunnel I divert my mind swiftly…. I try to and I can.. Think things afresh or think nothing; have a gala time in bird watching (this one not applicable for girls :P)
    friends & family will always be there. No worries!

    • This post is fictional, it has nothing to do with me 😛 btw, I respect your advice, but I didn’t get why it’s not applicable for girls?

        • Sona Rulz
        • September 15th, 2015

        ‘bird watching’—>> ‘watching females’… not applicable for women I said….lol

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  2. Nice read 🙂

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