Fear and Insecurity

Fear and insecurity haunted most of us in material or professional life and in spiritual life. Most of us, when we are surrounded by the moments of fear and insecurity, we start to crave or search for some relief and for that different methods are suggested, created and followed.

Here the question is, is it natural to have these moments of fear and insecurity, or is it just an error and can be eradicated?


Fear and Insecurity

    • Sona Rulz
    • September 22nd, 2015

    it’s in the mind. A thought process. It is not an ERROR but it can be erradicated with time and circumstances. I had some fear & insecurities once upon a time, now it has vanished with TIME grinding me.

    • Does that mean it’s natural? At times fear & insecurity can be beneficial, it keeps you alert and stops you from doing something stupid. But then there is other sides of it, where it can eclipse our common sense, distort our thought process and paralyzes our decision making capability. Isn’t it important to understand our fear and insecurity first than to let the time to decide or eradicate it?

        • Sona Rulz
        • September 23rd, 2015

        when I had some fear & insecurity (usually I dont have) I dint bother to ask any1 coz nothing cud soothe the apprehension I had in mind. It happens (in my case) when too much attached to something or someone. Hence I shud eithr entrust the bondage or let it be casual cool or banish 🙂
        Again I feel I shud have had some fear&insecurities wrt certain aspects like job(careeer.) It perhaps could have helped me from drowning. So there u go… where to have and where not have fear&insecurities 🙂

        • So here in this case, it’s the fear due to attachment; it’s just one of reasons behind the feeling of fear and insecurity, like fear and insecurity can be due to doubts, fear for reassurance, fear of not getting desired results, and on and on…

  1. I’m not sure if it’s an error or not. But, once the inside falls in place, the outside shall fall into place, too! Plus, the positive sides to our fears and insecurities are few in number, compared to their negative sides. They stop us from leading our lives, as we should. We can’t hand onto ” what if(s)” and lead our lives, can we?

    • Hang onto*

    • and many of the problems we cope in our daily lives will no longer exist once our unnecessary fears and insecurities are eradicated. But still the question is, how?
      Everything will fall into its right place when the mind is at peace. 🙂

  2. Fear is natural, to eradicate it is necessary.

    Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it – Nelson Mandela ❤ 😊

    • So considering this statement then it’s about conquering fear which sounds more like just adjusting perspectives.

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