Peace is the only Way

The history leaves no doubt that killing of innocent lives has been a persistent problem of social living throughout human history, but why? It’s of extreme importance to understand the basic reasons behind it by every single person on this planet. A murderer way of perceiving think is completely different from that of a normal person, they fail to understand killing innocents is an act of cowardice, sheer portray of ignorance and display of highest level of brainlessness. Absence of empathy and sanity could be added to the reasons, but it’s more than it, more reasons could be anger, violence, hatred, greed, ego, power, frustration, religion, fear, delusion, money, and incapability to understand what’s right or wrong.

Everyone needs to understand peace is the only way, and more positivity need to be reflected to fight the negativity around ourselves. People do feel sad when they come to know about any kind of horrifying inhuman incidents as it’s a human trait to feel the same in such times but at the same time it’s of more importance to stand against such barbaric acts and spreading positivity around oneself as per one’s ability and strength.

Much love and peace to all ~ Vikas




  1. The truth is, we must remove from government those with violent mindsets from decision-making positions. Governments may not have “pre-emptive” war as a political policy for protection. Violence must only be a last resort response by government and their employees, not a initialized action based on “intelligence”.

    • Quite right, but it’s just not only about government, it’s about all those people whose hands are smeared in blood of innocent lives. When you change, the world around you changes, but some of us find it hard to believe that our small step towards the better change can bring any positive change in the world, and perhaps, that’s one of the reason for chaos in the world.

      Have a good day!

      • The integration of the person as a part of their “government” is only for those most empowered to deal with the violent hands at work many times. Hugs

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