Through Awareness

I think the better way to resolve a problem is through awareness. First you must be aware enough to identify the problem, and then you must be ready enough to acknowledge it too, and then aware enough to understand it all and its root cause. Then afterward comes the action, stimulate or take action to fully end the problem.

I don’t agree with the notion that if you don’t like your circumstances then you need to change your attitude, people who think this way need to try it once when they are in some difficult situation that they can’t stand and you can watch them change their philosophy real quick like. The real answer for someone who does not like their situation is for them to identify what it is that’s wrong with it, why it is wrong and then they will be inclined to take correct action to change it.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma

  1. its difficult to change something overnyt!
    kind of impossible. even knowing the problem!

    may b we r used to it. Its easy to express in words; it diff though :p

    Loved ur post. Its good to come across!

    thanks! Vikash

    • You’re welcome, I’m glad to know that you loved it, thanks! Yes, I agree, it’s easier said than done. And hey! You have a wonderful blog there, keep writing.

    • Joana Salazar
    • March 25th, 2016

    Change takes time and I agree that you have to explain to the person why they need to change but sometimes we all have our own perspective and we can’t easily just make a person have a perspective the same as you do.

    Great post by the way πŸ™‚

    • Yes, we all have our own perspective and I’m not trying to change anyones perspective. Thanks for appreciating the post, I just expressed what I feel and find better today, it’s just more a message to me than anything else. πŸ™‚

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