Product of Thoughts

Fear is a product of thoughts. When I look at it and see that nothing has changed, I understand that it is my mind projecting its own insecurity, and that brings the question – why thought come up with its own insecurity? I think, it is part of old conditioning and its associated images. Part of becoming, identity, self-confidence, comparison. And the old distorted images it brings up which are non-existent in reality.

  1. Oh I disagree. Fear it’s the product of external ideas that can or may not seed your thoughts. We have only a small handful of innate fears, like falling, all the rest are learned from our external social environment.

    • Here, I’m talking about is “unfounded fear” which is psychological.
      I have quoted the above because it is the basis of fear, I think. There is fear of not being good enough, not being successful, achieving, or being recognized. It is really all so silly because it is nothing but a projection which is the avoidance of fear. And it only happens with that machinery of thought, which is inattention to what it is.

  2. Its all about thoughts as u said and hence looking at it from a different angle it becomes easier to change our thoughts as we know the reasons behind the fears now 😊

    • Fear in other words means insecurity, and to change the thoughts in right direction mind needs to be healthy and sane, so it can be attentive and see the projection for what it is.

  3. True. I strongly feel all our answers lie within us n if we look closely we would sooner or later find them

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