Let’s Spread Positivity

One of the ways to spread positivity in the world is, letting people realize that in today’s world half of the chaos is created by Media, not all you see on social networking sites and watch on TV is true.

  1. White Noise.

    Not half
    More than that
    Since it ripples
    And people discuss
    Share and then talk
    So it is almost omnipresent

    Unless you build strong rules and habits for yourself.

    Cheers for the start

    • Quite agree to what all you said. I’m not starting anything, I think we the people have to understand it ourselves. And when more and more people will get it, it will itself change their opinion or thinking for good. The sooner we wake up or realize, the better it would be; else things will not be getting better anytime in the future. Wake up is the call of time! Change yourself for the betterment and you will see the world turning to the better.

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