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​There is a freedom of speech crisis in the world. The abuse of the right to freedom of speech is beyond comprehension. It is not just about politicians but members of the public as well. I am convinced that this irresponsibility will bring down freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is not about saying whatever is in your mind, this is a terrible misunderstanding. Freedom of speech should be expressed with responsibility because it is a treasure.

  1. Totally agree with you! Pelting inappropriate language at each other and calling that freedom of speech!? I don’t think this should be done.

  2. Good post! There is a thin line between expressing one’s opinion and offending others. Most people cross that line within the shade of ‘Freedom of Speech’.

  3. Oh, oooooohhhh. I think our freedom and liberty of speech has been taken away. Ok, yes, totally agree with you on how we communicate with one another, yet I’ve been jailed because of what I’ve said to my own government. Responsible, intelligent speech is very much under attack and control by our authorities (corporate, intellectuals and government), and our rights and liberties are very much threatened if you watch the international or local journalist being attacked.

    It’s a hard thing to teach “nice” communications when war is all we are maintaining in our governments’ words, economies and actions.

  4. well said ..

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