Long Drives – In the Hills and Snow

Last week, 2 of my friends and I planned a 3 days trip to Kasauli, Chail and Kufri. We started with Kasauli and then went to Kufri and then to Chail and then back to Chandigarh. I’m into traveling and I never get tired of it. I keep on traveling, it could be due to my work reasons or it could be my own planned trips. Here I’m sharing few glimpses with you all from my recent trip to the hills of Himachal.


This place is called Kasauli, a small and beautiful hill station, around 60 Km from Chandigarh. We stayed there for a night before heading ahead. The view is clicked from the Hotel’s balcony where I stayed.


From Kasauli, we headed to Kufri, there was snow all over the way, and it is always risky to drive under such circumstances. So I decided to park my car at a safe place, and then we all walked few Km up to Kufri to enjoy this scenic place and nature’s paradise.


So after walking few KMs, we reached Kufri, and the view in Kufri was amazing with snow all over  the place. It had fresh snowfall just an hour back when we reached there.


Here, it’s me with a friend 🙂


Pine trees covered with fresh snowfall in Kufri.


This is Chail, a peaceful, less explored and beautiful hill station, I loved this scenic view all over the way while I was driving there.


We stayed in Chail for a night and then started driving back to Home in the morning. It is always good to spend some quality time in the serenity of nature.

Have a good day all ~ Vikas Sharma


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    • Aaron
    • February 6th, 2017

    Looks pretty, and fun, I need to do that

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