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Viknick is an online rental solution platform and as we are providing rental solution, so here’s some food for thought from us why and when you should rent. Based on these points or probably few of the many points you may decide whether is it good for you to buy or rent products.

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So the question is Why Should You Rent?

There are some factors you should consider before deciding to buy or rent things, for example:

1. How often you’re going to use that product in future?

2. In case, if you what to sell the purchased product then what will be the value of the product after few years?

3. In today’s world, technology is changing very rapidly, so if we stick to one product for long then we may miss the latest technologies or features trend. Do you wish to remain up to date with latest trend?

4. Are you comfortable in spending money to own things where at the same time on other hand due to this you have to compromise on budget for other important things just to buy a particular product?

5. Are you spending on products that may lose up to half of its value the moment you purchase it?

6. Do you want to experience or use product before actually buying it and then based on your experiences wanted to go ahead to buy it?

7. You already have a particular product with you but you need multiple products at a same time and buying seems difficult option?

If you think about all these points then surely you will get the answer yourself, whether it’s good to rent or buy a particular thing for you at that particular time. Sometimes, it’s better to buy or sometimes it’s good to rent. Moreover, renting gives you an opportunity to invest your money on things which are for long terms or can give you a better return in near future.

This was just some food for thought from us on whether to rent or buy things depending on needs or situations, and we understand there can be many other points as well which can be added in the list, so feel free time put your thoughts on it in the comment section.

Happy Renting

Team VikNick


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