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Thank You!

I’m not much active on the blog nowadays, and yes, I’m not dropped in to post the reasons for it. But just wanted to express my gratitude towards all the people who are still checking my posts and visiting the blog. Thank you everyone! Stay motivated, be with postive mindset, share love, keep writing and reading. Thank you once again.

Have a good day/night all ~ Vikas

Food for Thought #7

Happiness, With What it is Connected?

When you constantly fear and doubt to loose happiness, try to know the cause of that happiness, with what it is connected, and if it has some cause, then it is considered as temporary happiness, because if we remove the cause, happiness can also be removed. So don’t look for any cause to be happy, but just choose to be happy. Choose to be free from every such bondage, not easy though but everything starts with practice. We need to understand our own selves better; bondages are only there because there is someone to overcome them, otherwise they would not exit. Try to understand your doubt, fear, and anxiety, with what it is connected and will it help in any case to bring better things? Your happiness will always be yours as long as you live purely in it.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas

Snapshot From Dharamshala


Dharamshala (India)

Since 2 days I’m staying at this place called Dharamshala, in the lap of Himalayas, a beautiful town. Today is the last day here, as I’m leaving tomorrow morning, been here many times. Just sharing a random picture clicked today in the afternoon, look at those clouds, I just love to gaze at those clouds floating and rolling over the hills and get lost in serenity of the nature. It’s a nice place to lose yourself in the nature for a while.

Have a good day/night all ~ Vikas Sharma


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Random Thought

​When someone does something really bad that really irks you, then of course, it’s important to take that immediate opportunity to tell them about the reality. I usually used to ignore such things but through experiences I’ve realized that being kind in such instance is often just an excuse to avoid necessary conflict which you think could arise after your reaction but it’s important to react when limits has been crossed else people will take you for granted and chances are what they did will be repeated. Actually, by being nice to mean or not deserving people, you are essentially creating a reward system for their inappropriate deeds.

Dharamshala, Once Again!

Mist over the mountains - just sharing a random picture from Dharamshala - a fine hill station.

Mist over the mountains – just sharing a random picture from Dharamshala – a beautiful hill station.

Product of Thoughts

Fear is a product of thoughts. When I look at it and see that nothing has changed, I understand that it is my mind projecting its own insecurity, and that brings the question – why thought come up with its own insecurity? I think, it is part of old conditioning and its associated images. Part of becoming, identity, self-confidence, comparison. And the old distorted images it brings up which are non-existent in reality.

Flying Pollutant Fighters

Here’s something about on the concept of Flying Pollutant Fighter created by Pasca Gragier, I find it quite interesting.

Desinger: Pasca Gragier

Flying Pollutant Fighter_01

Flying pollutant fighter is a creative and interactive way to monitor and purify air quality created by Pasca Grangier who was inspired by dandelion flower, the airy design consists of lightweight “Flowies”. It can monitor the air quality as it floats all around like airborne jellyfish and it can also collect data using pollution sensors. When they return to their basic station, the data is collected and relayed to the user who can then make adjustment to improve the air quality according to the collected data.Flying Pollutant Fighter_02

Better yet, the “Flowies” are phosphorescent so they give off a beautiful, soothing, subtle glow at night as they float around, these glowing “dandelion flower” floating all around surely can bring users a wonderful night as well.Flying Pollutant Fighter_04Flying Pollutant Fighter_03Flying Pollutant Fighter_06Flying Pollutant Fighter_07

Random Thought

Education provides certificate for getting a job, intelligence and wisdom is to be found from elsewhere.

Have a Good Day ~ Vikas Sharma

Flexibility and Fluidity

To be adaptable we need to keep our mind open rather than perceiving things with a closed mind confined within some defined bounds, to be adaptable we need flexibility in our opinions and fluidity in our thought process rather than be so rigid in our views and cemented in our beliefs.

First of all, we have to realize why we need to be adaptable then only it is possible to be become adaptable for the good. We need to be adaptable as the environment around us is ever changing and we constantly get thrown into situations which challenge us at anytime and anywhere. Rigidity causes us to be brittle thus increasing the likelihood of failure in our endeavors due to a break in our resolve. Progress is the key as we should keep ourselves continually growing with no limits and restrictions, but once we stop growing is when we start to wither, mind become restrictive within some defined bounds and so our thinking too, and we get trapped up in illusions easily and unnecessarily perceiving things falsely.

Hence we need keep our minds open, we need to be flexible in our opinions, and we need to have fluidity in our thought process to keep ourselves growing and to clear our perception more. We simply need to keep ourselves open to change wherever and whenever required for the better version as limits are infinite. 

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma