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Flexibility and Fluidity

To be adaptable we need to keep our mind open rather than perceiving things with a closed mind confined within some defined bounds, to be adaptable we need flexibility in our opinions and fluidity in our thought process rather than be so rigid in our views and cemented in our beliefs.

First of all, we have to realize why we need to be adaptable then only it is possible to be become adaptable for the good. We need to be adaptable as the environment around us is ever changing and we constantly get thrown into situations which challenge us at anytime and anywhere. Rigidity causes us to be brittle thus increasing the likelihood of failure in our endeavors due to a break in our resolve. Progress is the key as we should keep ourselves continually growing with no limits and restrictions, but once we stop growing is when we start to wither, mind become restrictive within some defined bounds and so our thinking too, and we get trapped up in illusions easily and unnecessarily perceiving things falsely.

Hence we need keep our minds open, we need to be flexible in our opinions, and we need to have fluidity in our thought process to keep ourselves growing and to clear our perception more. We simply need to keep ourselves open to change wherever and whenever required for the better version as limits are infinite. 

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma

A walk in the woods


Location: Jakhu - Shimla

A random click from my travel from Shimla. Just got a little time to stroll around the area. It’s refreshing and serene to walk in the woods.

Random Thought

Every now and then we get these moments of clarity shining through the chaotic clouds of life, moments which shed light on our existential journey’s compass. These shimmering moments of clarity may even light up new paths, new opportunities and new potential, however it may take an extreme amount of bravery (or stupidity) to reset the sails and change course before life’s chaotic storm kicks back in. Do we take the risk for the experience, for the potential growth and possible better fortune? Or do we stay on our current course because we know we’re headed the right direction? One must ask – do we know our way or are we really lost and destined to drown in this chaotic sea?

Much Love ~ Vikas Sharma


There is always space to grow further; by growth here I mean personal growth. The more we grow, the more we realize there are more dimensions in which can grow further. The more we grow, the more wiser we become, the more enlightened we feel and the more wisdom we gain; it’s a never ending enlightening process. There is always growth to be had as we continue to learn more and more about our existence, our place and our purpose through experiences, knowledge, understanding and our encounter with new things on our ways.

Sometimes, at some point in our life, some of us count ourselves out from evolving and growing by placing imaginary limitations on reality or by believing we have grown up enough that there can be no further growth possible. Sometimes, we submit ourselves to rational fear, fear to change due to some reasons and then we try to defend it by calling it being a realist; it’s like sometimes we create our own rules to reality just to defend our fears and beliefs. I’m not saying there are no rules on which reality can be defined as certainly there are common rules to reality but the few so called dreamers throughout history have kept defying the rules little by little, things that were once thought impossible became possible and that will continue until oppression of consciousness occurs. This has also happened throughout history, much knowledge and awareness has been lost due to institutionalized oppression of the limitless perception we are capable of.

I find in some cases, infinity seems a difficult concept to grasp, perhaps because we are all existing consciously in a finite realm of mortal physicality where everything corrodes and comes to an end. We are told what we can do and we can’t, and that becomes intertwined into our belief system thus manifesting itself into reality, few things are so deeply ingrained into our psyche which keep on resisting our growth. Without babbling on much further my main point here is we can do more, we can grow more always. We can grow more, more than we think we can, always progress to be had, always growth to be had. Every time when we tell ourselves “this is all we can do” think again, limits will get redefined with the growth. Few people in the world break through these boundaries and achieve the impossible; they keep themselves always open to growth.

Have a good day ~ Vikas Sharma

Let’s Travel

Another year ended but still I feel the same that there’s so much more to learn, so much more to experience, so much more to explore, so much more to travel 🙂

Happy new year to all ~ Vikas Sharma


At the time when you read this whole thing, it might trigger some thoughts in your mind and that’s because everything with which we met and experience generate thoughts in our mind. Our activities, surrounding, situations and people are in those things which create our experiences of life and then our experiences mould our thoughts; it’s upon us whether we learn with a positive state of mind or with a negative. Our surrounding, experiences, situations and people can teach us life shifting lessons for discovering our true selves. Sometimes, you may encounter with difficult circumstances, time may knock you down, people may knock you down and negative circumstances may knock you down physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually but we need to gather enough courage to get up from within with a positive state of mind firing the light of confidence and self believe to move ahead to discover a true self for living our desired version of life. Ups and downs are part of life; it’s just the duality of everything. They’re both equally important and all serves a purpose.

Have a Good Day/Night ~ Vikas Sharma


I do believe we are all one mind.

Few Words…

It will be better if we try to think about the solutions or try to ignite thoughts on the issues we are concerned about rather than complaining and criticizing about the present and past which is always easier.

Peace ~ Vikas Sharma

Infinite Possibilities

Enlightenment is an ever going process.

Year 2014

Wishing You all a Very Happy New Year 2014!

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma