All the conceptions…

All the conceptions, all the theories, all the things we have created, all the beliefs, everything is just the creation of our mind. It’s just our mind which becomes curious, doubtful or anxious and then it creates questions and then it’s again the human mind who answers the questions. It’s just a hide and seek of the same mind, it’s just the execution of thoughts in the mind. Someone’s mind creates questions and then that questions are answered by someone else’s mind or by his own mind. So, in the whole case it’s the mind which initiates the process and then itself ends it when it find something acceptable.

Diamond in the sky

lucy in the sky with diamondsThe universe in full of wonders and mysteries and this one is just one of them. There are uncountable stars in the universe and the one I’m writing about is lies in the Constellation of Centarus which is just 50 light years away from the earth. Astronomers nicknamed it “Lucy” after the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Lucy, which is technically known as BPM 37093 – is actually a crystallized white dwarf star. A white dwarf is the hot cinder left behind when a star uses up its nuclear fuel and dies. It is made mostly of carbon and oxygen and surrounded by a thin layer of hydrogen and helium gases. In 1992 it was found that Lucy pulsates due to its core temperature dropping below 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit and in 1995 scientists decided to use Lucy for an experiment to see what she was made out of.

This experiment was to use the pulsation of the star and see if the crystallization theory was true. The process that was used is called Asteroseismology or Stellar Seismology which uses their frequency spectra to determine what the composition of the star is. The same way that geologists study the interior of the Earth during earthquakes.

Scientists had found that approximately 90% of Lucy’s mass had crystallized and since Lucy interior core is mostly made of Carbon and therefore, this means Lucy is a diamond, it’s a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats, astronomers have discovered. Lucy, the diamond star completely outclasses the largest diamond on Earth, the 546-carat Golden Jubilee which was cut from a stone brought out of the Premier mine in South Africa.

Astronomers expect our Sun will become a white dwarf when it dies 5 billion years from now. Some two billion years after that, the Sun’s ember core will crystallize as well, leaving a giant diamond in the center of the solar system.

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late at night…

late at night, a gentle rain with lighting in the sky, sitting nearer to the window, a gentle touch of a cool breeze on the face, a cup of hot coffee and a melodic post-rock music. Ah! Isn’t it a perfect combination to do some writing?  I guess, it’s a perfect combination to do anything worth to do in this kind of moments 🙂

Random thought

There is something beyond our human understanding that we may never reach. Some people may keep exploring, some may keep arguing and some may stay at bay; this is the way we are living and moving in this endless wonderful universe. Life is a play and you a have role in it, it’s up to you which character you want to play and how much you can dedicate yourself to your character. In the end what matters most, is how well did you live and how much you have shared with the world around you; so that after the end of the play somewhere you still be remained in this world, in your world, in the world around you.

look, just look how wonderful is this universe and we all are part of it, living on the earth under the same sky!


What is awakening? In simple words, awakening is wakefulness or the state of being conscious. Awakening is a process in the humankind which is going on since we ever existed on this planet. There always been a process of awakening in the humankind and always will be. It’s a continuous process which can’t be stopped at any time or by any way. And moreover, I think it’s a self process, one have to look inside to find out what’s there inside them, who are they from inside. If you’re awaken about yourself and the world around you then ultimately you’re contributing to the process of awakening of others and the world around you. So awakening is a contagious process, it spreads from one person to the other.

At the some point of your life, you discover or feel that much of the way you see yourself and the world around you is just a result of all the instructions, beliefs, messages and opinions that have been deeply ingrained into your mind. And then after realizing this, you begin to shift through all the prisons you have been kept, you begin to break all the walls and start realizing the other side of the world. You begin to shift through all the junk you have been fed about how you should look and how much you should weigh, who to believe and who to reject, what you should wear and where you should shop, where should you go and what you should drive, how and where you should live, what you should do for a living and who you should marry. You learn to open up to new worlds and different points of view, you start to make your own decisions and you make your own paths with your own consciousness. You realize and see a thin line between the right and the wrong, you begin to realize the difference between reality and illusion. You start reading between the lines.

And then comes a stage, when you realize why there are so much suffering in the world and you realize that one of the reason of suffering is getting caught in an illusion. You begin redefining and recreating who you’re and what you really stand for. You realize that you have been on this planet for some reasons and you don’t feel much disappointment as now you know disappointment is a part of life. You begin enjoying this world much more than ever before because now you’re just you, not the reflection of someone else. You come to the realization that you deserve to be treated with love and respect and you won’t settle for less. You start believing in love, respect and freedom for yourself and for others too.  You allow only the hands of a lover who cherishes you to glorify you with its touch and in the process, you internalize the meaning of the self-respect. You start living your life with a purpose and side by side you start enjoying it to the fullest.

I was just thinking…

I was just thinking, what if someday you look back and think why you stopped walking on that path and realizing you could have done it exceptionally good or getting a feeling like you could have been recognized for your courage, for your creation or for your work if you didn’t have stopped doing that particular thing without giving it a deserving fight till the end. I was just thinking about all these things and this led me to write this post.

All I think is that if you’re good in something then don’t keep that thing inside you, take it out and share it. Let the world know that you’ve something, something which belongs to you, something which is your creation or something which is beautiful in all the way. So, if you’re planning to try something or planning to work on something, something which you want to do or which you like to do then try it all the way, from top to the bottom, from starting to the end. Try each bit of that thing, go through the entire thing, look at every corner of it, search for the hidden things in it, go beyond the illusions, scratch the concepts and do it the way you like. If you’re happy with it and if it brings satisfaction to you then it’s really worth to do. There are billions of people on our planet and lots of them are going through the same phase as you’re going through. So, think out of the box and don’t get distracted by obstacles. Sometimes, you may feel like losing your mind but that’s just a phase and it will not last for a long time if you are on a right lane.

Sometimes, getting things done could mean freezing on an unknown land, it could mean wondering in the darkness, it could mean not eating on time for some weeks, it could mean working alone, it could mean disappointments, it could mean mockery, it could mean feeling lost, it could mean thinking against the thinking of majority, it could mean facing odds and evens. So, instead of getting lost in the feeling of disappointments, just think that all these odd things which are coming in your way are a test of your endurance. If you really want to do it, then despite all the rejection in the worst, you will do it and it will be better than anything else you can imagine. It’s not easy to get what we dreamed of, there lies a fight which we have to do. I think if you’re fighting a battle of your dreams with a right side of the force then definitely that battle is worth to fight. Moreover, it’s my conception and I don’t know how much you’ll agree with me in all these things but I believe there lies a fight which has to be won by someone, there lies a struggle which is worth to do if you are on a right track, there lies a mountain which has to be moved by someone to find out the treasure behind it 🙂

Something about the internet

What is the Internet, exactly?

To some of us, the Internet is where we stay in touch with friends, get the news, shop, and play games. To some others, the Internet can mean their local broadband providers, or the underground wires and fiber-optic cables that carry data back and forth across cities and oceans. Isn’t it?

But Here’s something more about internet!

The internet, a helpful place to start is near the Very Beginning: 1974. That was the year that a few smart computer researchers invented something called the Internet Protocol Suite, or TCP/IP for short. TCP/IP created a set of rules that allowed computers to “talk” to each other and send information back and forth. TCP/IP is somewhat like human communication: when we speak to each other, the rules of grammar provide structure to language and ensure that we can understand each other and exchange ideas. Similarly, TCP/IP provides the rules of communication that ensure interconnected devices understand each other so that they can send information back and forth. As that group of interconnected devices grew from one room to many rooms and then to many buildings, and then to many cities and countries; the Internet was born.

The early creators of the Internet discovered that data and information could be sent more efficiently when broken into smaller chunks, sent separately, and reassembled. Those chunks are called packets. So when you send an email across the Internet, your full email message is broken down into packets, sent to your recipient, and reassembled. The same thing happens when you watch a video on a website like YouTube; the video files are segmented into data packets that can be sent from multiple YouTube servers around the world and reassembled to form the video that you watch through your browser. Bandwidth, this term tells you about the speed of your internet connection. If traffic on the Internet were assumed to a stream of water, the Internet’s bandwidth is equivalent to the amount of water that flows through the stream per second. So when you hear engineers talking about bandwidth, what they’re really referring to is the amount of data that can be sent over your Internet connection per second. This is an indication of how fast your connection is.

At last, the Internet is a fascinating and highly technical system, and yet for most of us today, it’s a user-friendly world where we don’t even think about the wires and equations involved. The Internet is also the backbone that allows the World Wide Web that we know and love to exist: with an Internet connection, we can access an open, ever-growing universe of interlinked web pages and applications. In fact, there are probably as many pages on the web today as there are neurons in your brain, as there are stars in the Milky Way!

The future of electricity transmission

Day by day, technology is advancing very rapidly; there will be many changes in coming decades in the world of technology and one of them will be wireless transmission of electricity. Yes, in the coming few decades electricity will be transmitted without the use of wires.

The first person to actually make wireless transmission of power possible was Nikola Tesla. Tesla demonstrated wireless energy transfer to power electronic devices in 1891, and aspired to intercontinental wireless transmission of industrial power in his unfinished Wardenclyffe Tower project and still wireless transmission of electricity is a field of research. It might be possible that this technology will come into existence in few decades.

Here’s something about this technology:

Primarily, this technology may starts from mid-range transmission methods that could charge or even power portable devices such as cell phones, laptops, PDA and all that kind of devices or possibly all other range of electric and electronic appliances. And for sure, this technology will going to eliminate the need for multiple wall sockets and bulky cables and will greatly reduce clutter in homes and offices. In place of batteries, electronic devices will have antennas to draw power from a single power node mounted in the ceiling or in the wall of a room. Electromagnetic waves are transmitted through the air from the device present in the ceiling or in the wall. These waves are then received by the device like cell phone or other appliance through their receiving antenna. And in this way electricity will be transmitted without using wires. So definitely, there will be new way of transmission of electricity in the coming decades, maybe by the late 2020s.

Random thought

“One of the advantages of reading fiction is that you get to experience someone else’s imaginary world and you paint that world with your own choice of colors.”

White washed hills

Snow Valley, Solang Valley, Manali, Himachal Pradesh India.

Well! What to say about this picture. It’s just a majestic one. Huge pine trees on snow covered hills. Mist and clouds are floating over the hills. It’s just an amazing view which I have seen through my eyes 🙂 Location: Kullu Valley(Himachal Pradesh, India)


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