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Incredible Kinnaur – Meet the Mountains

Kinnaur Reckong Peo0

Location: Pooh, Kinnaur Image Credit: Vikas Sharma

Few days back I’ve been to this place called Kinnaur. It has spellbinding scenery with tall mountains which seems like touching the sky with their snow clad peaks shrouded with clouds; the view at every turn had just given me goose bumps. It wouldn’t be false, if someone would say it’s a world within a world, and after spending a week there, I can’t spot myself from writing few words about this place, so here you go:

Kinnaur Reckong Peo13Kinnaur, it consists of very high mountains, deep valleys or gorges, glaciers and rivers; it’s one of the districts of Himachal – India. This tremendously beautiful district have three high mountains ranges: the Zanskar range – present along the northeast and its crest forms the eastern international border of Kinnaur with Tibet, the main Great Himalayan range – runs from northwest to south, and the Dhauladhar range – forms the southern boundary of Kinnaur, merging with the main Himalayan range in southeastern Kinnaur. The highest peaks in Kinnaur are Leo Pargial (6816 meters) and Manirang (6,593 meters). The Kinnaur area of Himachal has been opened to Indian and Foreign tourists since after 1989. While going via Shimla and Rampur – Kalpa, Reckong Peo and Sangla Valley can be visited by Indians and Foreigners without any restrictions. To travel beyond Jangi in Kinnaur to Kaza in Spiti one requires an inner line permit for foreign nationals.

Kinnaur Reckong Peo14It’s a land of fairy tales and fantasies, has a spectacular terrain of lush green valley, orchards, vineyards, snow clad peaks and cold desert mountains. The apples, chilgoza, apricots, pears, grapes, pine nuts and other dry fruits are grown here are world famous, specially the apples, the taste cannot be replicated anywhere else. And about locals, despite bearing deadly winter and living life in tough terrain, you will always find them smiling and content.

Kinnaur Reckong Peo7There are lots of places to visit in Kinnaur, especially for the people who are into trekking, hiking, camping, biking, adventure sports and love to be in the nature. You can find bikers on your way in Kinnaur packed up with camping stuff, and the beautiful trekking route includes the ‘Kinner Kailash’ mountain. The high terrain here provides way to great adventure sports of all kinds, and so for all the adventure lovers, Kinnaur is the place to come at least once despite regarded as one of the most dangerous and toughest roads in the world, the thrill and the fun is just out of the world experience. The landscape is so beautiful, after every few miles there’s a different landscape and some parts being like the moon land, and you would feel like being in a different world.

Kinnaur Reckong Peo10There is a beautiful Nako lake, a beautiful place called Kalpa famous for its apple and chilgoza plantations, which are found only in Iran and Turkey besides here, another place called Banjara which lead you into the time zone untouched by man and time, then Sangla Valley surrounded by snow-clad peaks and beside the gurgling Baspa river, then Batseri village across the banks, which boasts of a beautiful Devta temple made of wood, and then three famous wild life sanctuaries which you won’t find anywhere else in the world as they are unique for their high altitude and the animals they protect, and then the untouched places like Chitkul, Bhaba Valley, Hangrang Valley, Moorang, Pooh, Kaza, etc.

Kinnaur Reckong Peo9I spent my 3 days in Reckong Peo and 2 days in Pooh and all through this place, the view is simply amazing, one side of the road is occupied with a deep gorge made by the river and other side is surrounded by hilly slopes, mountain peaks cover with snow and shrouded by clouds. Whenever you pass through a narrow section of road, the view of Satluj River below can shiver your bones with thrill and excitement.

Kinnaur Reckong Peo4The untouched mountains, unaltered part of this world and the mystical valleys offer solace and comfort, to every weary traveler. Snow covered mountain peaks, apples hanging on the tree branches, sudden waterfalls, hairpin turns and zig-zag roads will be your best friends while traveling in this part of the world. If anyone is looking for place which gives them calmness in their own way, place where tranquility is at its zenith and the place where landscapes and atmosphere becomes your best soother, then Kinnaur is one of the places you need to visit. The journey to Kinnaur will take you into some of the most beautiful places most of us have only heard but never seen; a journey into one of the most beautiful valleys in the country and probably the world.

Here’s few more pictures, though not clicked perfectly but still sharing with you all, and in Kinnaur there are places far more scenic and exhilarating than these images which I tried to capture during my stay in this beautiful place.

Kinnaur Reckong Peo5

Apple Orchard

Kinnaur Reckong Peo11

Reckong Peo

Kinnaur Reckong Peo6
Kinnaur Reckong Peo2Kinnaur Reckong Peo1

Note: Roads are tough and dangerous in Kinnaur, also featured on History Channel in one of their reality shows, and climate is also a challenge there but despite of all this it’s a must visit place at least once.


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WELCOME TO PARADISE: Summer Holidaying in GOA

Guest post by Vaibhav:

“Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.” That’s what Axl F. Rose sang on the Guns n’ Roses song, ‘Paradise City’ about going off to a place where there’s beauty and serenity followed by non-stop partying. Well-known for its beaches, babes and booze, Goa is undeniably India’s paradise state. Being a tourist hot-spot, Goa attracts people from all over the world every year who visit the city to escape their monotonous lives for a few days of fun and frolic.

While many believe that winters are the ideal time of the year to take a trip down to paradise, a summer holiday in Goa can’t be underestimated. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons why you should be holidaying in Goa during summer ’15.

1. Everything is cheaper!
As fewer people tend to visit Goa in summer time, the tourist industry slashes its prices bya great margin. From cheaper air travel and cheaper hotel stay to a tour of Goa’s major cities and mouth-watering food – everything is available at amazing discounts! The extra money you save can then be spent on partying and drinks – all of which are at a reduced cost.Note: The local beverage Feni – available in two variations; cashew feni and coconut feni is something you must try!

2. Shop ‘til You Drop!
During summers, Goa offers a splendid shopping experience! The shops are stocked with superb itemswhich are available at surprisingly low prices. The best part is that there is no need for bargaining and no sense of rush. It is also a great time to purchase some exclusive Goa summer wear for men, which you can take back to the city with you as souvenirs and gifts for friends. Note: Floral printed shirts and shorts are the must have piece of clothing when you’re in Goa.

3. Far from the maddening crowds.
What’s the point of going on a vacation if the place you’re going to is just as populated as the city? Summers in Goa are hot, and most people avoid the heat and instead head for the hills to get that ‘living in a refrigerator’ feel. This is good for you, as it means fewer tourists, more fun!

Goa Beach Pic1

4. Adventure Sports
Summers are a great time to try water sports like Jet Skiing in Goa. When in Goa, you just cannot miss out on the adventure sport of Para-sailing; it is also a lot more fun and way cheaper during the summer season. The wind, the breath-taking view of the horizon and the elevation is the closest you can get to being a bird. Fly away!

Goa Beach Pic2

5. Picture Perfect
Do you distress over visiting a beautiful place or fort and all you can manage to capture are pictures of people taking pictures? This season, wipe the dust off your DSLR and get clicking! The beautiful sunset on Palolem beach awaits you!

Goa Beach Pic4Goa Beach Pic3

About Vaibhav:
Vaibhav Kattar is a travel writer working with India’s leading online fashion company. He is an avid traveler and likes to pluck strings when he’s not writing. This post talks about Goa and why it makes the most popular holidaying destination of the country.

Trekking to Kheer Ganga

                          Kheer ganga trek
I’ve posted this one earlier but that was just four pictures and few lines, and I think this trek deserves more than that. So I am now writing it again in a pretty different way than earlier post. I just want to share my trekking experience with all of you and I hope you will love it.
 So here you go, happy reading!
trekking in india, himachal pradesh.                        
Trekking to Kheer Ganga, an adventurous journey into the world of nature’s beauty and serenity. This is an amazing experience and it’s just like traveling to a different world. This trekking experience was full of wonder and excitements and for me the journey to this place was like a few seconds in the serene arms of nature. Everything I saw there was just full of serenity and beauty. Kheer ganga is one of the most refreshing treks that one can go on anywhere. The natural hot water spring experience is just amazing and the trek is very pleasant and offers some exhilarating views.
                            We were 8 friends who have been there together. Trekking starts from a place called Barshaini. Barshaini is a place in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh(India). From Barshaini, one have to do around 12-15 KM of trekking to reach Kheer Ganga. Very few people know about this place and I think only a few have traveled to this part of the world but those who know and have seen it, they call it a magical valley.
                            It’s really a fun and full of excitement if you go to a some place you don’t know how exactly it will be and then discovering that place and feeling like you’re in a different world, and the only word comes out from your mouth is just “wow”.
                            It was the first week of February, winter season in northern part of India and Himachal Pradesh is one the coldest part of India with its snowfall and high range mountains. At 11 AM in the morning, we all friends reached Barshaini. It was pretty cold as the temperature might be less than 10 degrees Celsius, and therefore we have to wear jackets and all other things to save ourselves from cold.
trekking to kheer ganga by vikas sharma.
                            Then we all together started moving towards kheer ganga. After trekking for 3 KM from Barshaini, little tired we reached Nakthun. It’s a small village on the way to kheer ganga. This village offers a place for the trekkers where you can get delicious food cheaper than its in nearby places and believe it or not here in Nakthun, there’s even a pool table(made by the local people with woods) thrown out in the open where you’ll find local kids from the village enjoying their time. Travelers can also get a room in the beautiful wooden cottage and a few steps ahead from this village is a Rudra Naag temple and a waterfall.
                           The feeling at that moment when we reached the Rudra Naag temple and saw the beauty around and the waterfalls was like we are in a different world. At that place, all one could see is just a dense jungle and huge mountains all around. Looking at the nature’s beauty, I realized that we live in a world where we are surrounded by the walls, building and all the other things like road traffic, crowded places etc etc but there is another beautiful world behind those walls and I was experiencing that world in Kheer Ganga. After crossing Nakthun, the real adventure begins, I must say the extreme adventure of my life.
                          Now after reaching Nakthun, it was almost 2-3 hours trek to Kheer ganga and there are 2 ways to go there, one which is safer but long path and another one is comparatively shorter path but a dangerous one. We took the shorter path, the dangerous one. To be frank, I had no idea how dangerous it would be to choose the shorter path and I think none of my friend knew that too. We were just cheerful and excited to be there.
Dense forest, serenity of nature, snowfall, beautiful hills and mountains.
                          As we entered the jungle area the view gets more and more beautiful. There was so much peace and natural beauty all around. As we were getting closer to Kheer ganga, the path is getting really difficult to travel, it was very slippery, there were frozen waterfalls on the way, slippery frozen ice was on the narrow paths. Steep slopes on one side and huge rocks on the other, there was hardly the place to walk. At the time we went to Kheer ganga, there was fresh snowfall all the way and so it was very difficult for us to walk there at that time. The slopes on our one side were around thousands of feet down and we know that a single mistake could cost our lives. So we were very cautious while putting our feet on ground.
                          All the way long flows a waterfall on one side of the path with its full fury and I couldn’t even imagine how cold the water would be in it as it was coming from the glaciers which were not far from that place. The sound of the stream of water was so loud in some places that one could hardly hear each other voices. We needed to cross that waterfall in order to move further. We crossed the waterfall by walking over a wooden bridge formed by the local people. Now, the path gets steeper and more steeper, it was getting harder for us to trek and then we saw a scene, we saw a board on a tree with something written on it that a young person fell from this place and lost his life, and that shows how dangerous is that trek. You need to be careful at every step. On our remaining path, we crossed many small and beautiful waterfalls, some of the waterfall were frozen, there was frozen water on the path and narrow slippery paths having beautiful flowers all around and huge trees covering the sky. Jungle was so dense that sunlight was hardly reaching the ground but in spite of all the danger we couldn’t stop ourselves appreciating the beauty of that place.
kheerganga trek, lonely planet, hiamchal pradesh, manali, kullu.
                           Now, Comes the moment, the moment when we stepped in Kheer Ganga. There was a huge ground, it was totally white washed and surrounded by tall mountains covered with white snow, dense white and blue clouds were floating all around us. I rubbed my eyes, I was just full of wonder after watching that place, what a beauty. It was like I want to pinch myself to see whether I was not dreaming. The place was so peaceful , so pure, and all I think is that it’s the amazement of this area,  calmness of this part of the world, the isolation of the habitation, the stunning beauty of the mountains, beautiful wilderness of the pine trees and then snowfall to decorate this place with its whiteness which gives Kheer ganga its charm, its beauty and fills this place with serenity.

Far away we could see small 4-5 hut shaped wooden lodges providing shelter for travelers. We went up to the lodges and took a room in a lodge and I heard that the owner of that lodge is a French woman(I am not sure about that). The Nepali man we met there is living at this place from almost 5 five-years and he is taking care of that place. There is no electricity in Kheer ganga and the lights are all run on solar power.
kheer ganga trekking, amazing and majestic nature.
                      There are some extra-ordinary things about this place like there is a hot water string at this place. Two of my friends decided to take hot water bath in that hot water spring. The water is hot because of Sulphur in it and it’s amazing to find a natural hot water spring in these kind of places where usually the temperature remains very low. This place is amazingly beautiful and one can easily spend a day or more here because you can get a lodge, food and other essential things at Kheer ganga, or either you can make your on arrangements by taking your own camping stuff.
Kheer Ganga
                We stayed there for the whole night, had a very special drink, it was like a black lemon tea. We also had dinner over there provided my a man who stays there. According to my information, I searched some more facts about this place and I came to know that the French lady was living there in Kheer ganga from past 3 years(I am not sure about this information). She left everything from her country and has been living here for no reason, then there’s a Russian man living in the lodge, who was in Kheer ganga from past 2 years and just practicing yoga, a Nepali man who provided us food came from Nepal and was living here from last 5 year and working in Kheer ganga as a guide and provides food and all others things like woods to burn fire, blankets, lodges room, etc to earn his livings. Everything was different and unique about this place that everyone who see this place starts building a bond with Kheer ganga, a bond of peace and love. There is no road connectivity to this place and this is the only reason why the beauty of this place is preserved. We the humans need places like this where nature has not been re-arranged and altered by the hands of humans.
white mist, snowfall, hot water spring, kheer ganga, himachal pradesh, camping and trekking.
                         Next day, it snowed again in the morning and therefore we had to leave this place because if we didn’t return soon then we could be stuck there because of the heavy snowfall . So we left that place in the morning. And returning back to the Barshaini under that heavy snowfall is something that I couldn’t even explain here, it was extremely difficult for us as the path was already full of snow at the time we were climbing to this place and now after this fresh and heavy snowfall in the morning it was really difficult to see the path even. Now, the path was completely covered with fresh snow. The slopes on our one side were around thousands of feet down and chilled stream of waterfall was flowing in it with its full fury making huge roar, it was like one step wrong and we would be out.
trekking to kheer ganga by vikas sharma.
                         I am sure, if anyone comes to this place once, they would love to come here second time again as you simply can’t get enough of these kind of places. With so many good, beautiful and a few scary memories we said bye-bye to Kheer ganga hoping we could visit it again someday:)