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Trapped Within Our Own Minds

Trapped within our own minds with delusions, we cannot read others, but in desperation for the answers we lead beliefs that we do, and hence, we surround ourselves with more illusions. First step to be followed is to free our minds from the chamber of delusions and strive to know our own selves more but the question is how when most of us are so conditioned and remain confined by society, belief, culture, media, situation, education which has in some way obstructed our thinking with preconceptions, fears and anxieties?


Trapped within our own Minds with Delusions

Random Thought

The solution of a problem lies in the understanding of the problem; the answer is not outside the problem, it is in the problem. One cannot look at the problem very clearly and can’t have a permanent fix to the problem if one is concerned only with the solution and forget to question the root cause of problem.

Random Thought

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having answer to everything. In fact, I think you should have, even if the answer is “I don’t know”.

and The Reason is Here – The Universe and Connection

How we are all interconnected?This post is just a brief explanation of my last post. The post where I’ve written “The universe is full of wisdom and if you try to learn about it a little, if you try to understand about it a little then at some point it will teach you how we all are connected with each other and with all the things. In the period you try to understand about the universe, you will suddenly realize how a single perception, how a single conception plays a role in the humans life.”

There are reasons why I’ve written that and if you really want to know the reasons behind it then read the following things.
I’m just trying to explain it as briefly as I can. So, here’s it:

How can you say that we are made up of atoms? The answer to this question is not much difficult. We know that cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms; humans and all the beings are made of cells and hence, we are made of various molecules and atoms. Now from where did these atom come from and how were they made? The answer to these questions lies in the creation of the universe. Long ago when the universe formed, at that time subatomic particles assembled into atoms and they formed hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen, the first element ever formed in the universe, the simplest type of atom. After that as the universe aged other elements were also created and that’s why it is said that every element on earth, except for the lightest was created in the some massive stars.

Now, we can say that every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially a stardust as hydrogen is a big bang dust. So, lets see how much we are made up of stardust, and to know that we have to exclude hydrogen as it’s a big bang dust not a stardust.

Our body is composed of billions of billion atoms and in all these atoms some of them are hydrogen. Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water and water usually makes up 55%-78%(approx.) of the human body and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass and from this, we can say that 92.5-93.7%(approx.) of the mass in our body is stardust. Hence, we are all made up of stardust and if you include hydrogen too then we are all made up of atoms, which were created in the universe long ago. Calcium in our bones, Iron in our blood, all were created in some massive stars!

However, I’m well aware of the fact that the truth can be a lot different from the theories, physics, philosophies, facts, understanding or everything and it can be a lot crazier and astonishing than we can even imagine. But so far, this is what I think about us and the universe, this is what I’ve learned and it fits into my understanding.

A Mysterious Man!

A mysterious man questions.

I was bit tired and bit restless,
looked up into the mirror
and my face tells it all.
Just when I was about to go to the bed
suddenly a man appeared,
a mysterious man appeared in the mirror.
With a smile on his face he called my name.
What the hell! I was dazed,
I rubbed my eyes
and looked again into the mirror,
the man was still in the mirror
with that smile on his face.
Anxiously I asked,
what do you want Mr. Illusion?
Don’t make me think critically,
I know you can deceive humans dramatically
Damn! I couldn’t believe as I heard his voice,
he asked with his soothing voice;
Can you lead me to a place where I can find all the answers to all my questions?
Can you lead me to a place where complexity doesn’t exist and everything is simple?
Can you lead me to a place where there is no race and people have nothing to chase?
Without a second thought I replied,
I have a few questions for you too!
How will one feel the urge to explore if everything is known and there is no questions?
How will one value the life and all the things if everything will be easy and simple?
What’s the point of running alone?
What’s the point of having desires and dreams if you can’t chase them down?
Then suddenly my morning alarm rings up
and I woke up from a deep dreamy sleep,
realizing it was the dream,
one of those funny absurd dream!