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Random Thought

It’s good to take the difference of opinions into account and it must be encouraged as it could lead to better answers, understanding and resolution on the matter. But if the difference of opinions on a subject argued repeatedly and excessively without an end with less interest in listening and more in replying back then the discussion on the subject becomes irrelevant, listening is half understanding.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas

Trapped Within Our Own Minds

Trapped within our own minds with delusions, we cannot read others, but in desperation for the answers we lead beliefs that we do, and hence, we surround ourselves with more illusions. First step to be followed is to free our minds from the chamber of delusions and strive to know our own selves more but the question is how when most of us are so conditioned and remain confined by society, belief, culture, media, situation, education which has in some way obstructed our thinking with preconceptions, fears and anxieties?


Trapped within our own Minds with Delusions