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The Scenic – Janjheli Valley


Bulah (Janjheli Valley)

Janjehli Valley, at a distance of 80 km from Mandi (Himachal, India) is a paradise for hikers, offering treks up to a height of 3,300 metres. Last month, I got an opportunity to travel to this less explored place, the picturesque valley of Janjehli has fewer tourists as compared to other similar popular trekking and camping destination as it’s not that popular yet on tourist map.

Around 6 km from Janjehli is a place called Bulah, I loved the place and mesmerized by its beauty, I stayed there in a camp for a night. For me traveling and spending a day in Janjehli Valley has been an enchanting and fascinating experience. It is a beautiful, tranquil and calm place, the beauty of which is enhanced by its lush green serene surroundings, apple orchards, hills covered with pine and deodar trees, a river flowing through various crisscrossed hills, numerous waterfalls, and breezy and fresh environment all around the valley. The valley adorned by snow during winters, is no less than heaven on the earth. At around 10 Km from Janjheli is a Shikari Devi Temple at a height of 3,332 metres above sea level. From the temple area, it offers a mesmerizing scenic and sunset view which is just soul stirring, the sunset view from here is like one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see.

Some more snapshots from my travel to this place:


View outside my Camp in Bulah(Janjheli)


Me and my friend(the guy in the picture) stayed there in the camp in Bulah


Bulah (Janjheli Valley)


Bulah (Janjheli Valley)


Bulah (Janjheli Valley)


Mesmerizing scenic view from the Temple area – at 3332 meters above sea level


Janjheli Valley

How to Reach:

  1. Mandi-Pandoh-Bada Kanda-Janjehli-> 76 Kms
  2. Sunder Nagar-Dadaur-Chailchowk-Janjehli-> 80 Kms.

Trek Routes around Janjheli Valley:

Janjehli-Shikari Devi via Budha Kedar 10 Kms

Janjehli-Magrugala 8 Kms

Janjehli-Bulah-Raigarh 12 Kms

Janjehli-Shikari Devi-Devidarh-Kamrunag 28 Kms

Janjehli-Raigarh-Shankar Dehra-Karsog  27 Kms


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