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Random Thought

The mind is the ultimate tool of illumination: it seeks to know but treacherous towards others by nature. The heart is the ultimate tool of insight into the darkness: it accepts to know but is treacherous to self, by nature.

Balance in synergy is the quintessence of life.


Have a good day All.

Food for Thought #2

The most common problem that we’re having with gender equality is that despite whatever popular beliefs we might have we are not created equal. Men and women each have their own genetic inclinations. Understanding the opposite genders inclinations and behaviors is actually much more fundamental to achieving an androgynous balance because it is usually much more evident of everything that we’ve been taught we are not. It’s been the goal of many religions and spiritual teachings to achieve this androgynous state of mind perhaps the most famous of these illustrations is the yin yang symbol. One of the major things that it represents is the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It would be too much of a coincidence that these ideas somehow got lost when they are some of the most fundamental ideas to our balance and unity. It’s become quite evident that on a global scale there is a lack of unity in humanity. It is evident in the way that war is continuously waged on our mother earth and in the way that we ravage a physical earth for an imaginary economy.

It is not until the last tree has fallen and the last River has run dry that we will realize we cannot eat and drink money. We are killing ourselves and we seem to be okay enough with that to keep feeding the same system that is doing this. We as a human race lack understanding. More than gender, sex, creed, religion, race, age, or anything else we could fathom as a difference we lack understanding of the universe. Such understanding comes only through you. Understanding that you are not a man or a woman or Chinese or Indian, you’re not Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu because understanding the universe is understanding that nobody knows. Fundamentally, everything is make believe. The farther you reach in your spiritual life, the more evident the duality of intellect will become as your stupidity will be accepted in the absence of ego. The only truth in gender inequality is that we accept it because our own family and friends subject us to it and we become blind to the society created by civilization through generations and ever so easily do we blame each other and no longer are able to find the root of the injustice and smite it where it lurks. And that is the most essential cornerstone of slavery. A human being is happy serving a purpose, whether that purpose be shallow or fabricated is irrelevant because the human mind creates reality by believing and he who controls what the human believes controls the reality that the human lives in. It is ingenious that those who control these perceptions leave themselves in oblivion.

Balance is Important

I don’t believe in being pessimist as being pessimist won’t let us to grow and develop, it resist change. Whereas being optimist all the time will make you think that everything is going alright even when you are deep in some chaos, perhaps at some time it could act as a reality avoider. So it is better to live in balance, it’s about learning and becoming aware. That’s what I think and so I try to maintain balance which sometimes depends on how well we understand situations in which we are.

Be in Balance ~ Vikas Shamra