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Beliefs and Thoughts

I think our beliefs somewhat contribute in the formation of our thoughts and actions, and hence what we believe in has greater chance to take place because we consciously or unconsciously will tend to materialize what all we belief in. If one believes in perpetual war and thinks that mankind is doomed for perpetual war, and believes that conflict is necessary for development, then there is no end to wars or conflicts. Change in beliefs can steer change in thoughts or it can be said the other way round.

Food for Thought #2

The most common problem that we’re having with gender equality is that despite whatever popular beliefs we might have we are not created equal. Men and women each have their own genetic inclinations. Understanding the opposite genders inclinations and behaviors is actually much more fundamental to achieving an androgynous balance because it is usually much more evident of everything that we’ve been taught we are not. It’s been the goal of many religions and spiritual teachings to achieve this androgynous state of mind perhaps the most famous of these illustrations is the yin yang symbol. One of the major things that it represents is the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It would be too much of a coincidence that these ideas somehow got lost when they are some of the most fundamental ideas to our balance and unity. It’s become quite evident that on a global scale there is a lack of unity in humanity. It is evident in the way that war is continuously waged on our mother earth and in the way that we ravage a physical earth for an imaginary economy.

It is not until the last tree has fallen and the last River has run dry that we will realize we cannot eat and drink money. We are killing ourselves and we seem to be okay enough with that to keep feeding the same system that is doing this. We as a human race lack understanding. More than gender, sex, creed, religion, race, age, or anything else we could fathom as a difference we lack understanding of the universe. Such understanding comes only through you. Understanding that you are not a man or a woman or Chinese or Indian, you’re not Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu because understanding the universe is understanding that nobody knows. Fundamentally, everything is make believe. The farther you reach in your spiritual life, the more evident the duality of intellect will become as your stupidity will be accepted in the absence of ego. The only truth in gender inequality is that we accept it because our own family and friends subject us to it and we become blind to the society created by civilization through generations and ever so easily do we blame each other and no longer are able to find the root of the injustice and smite it where it lurks. And that is the most essential cornerstone of slavery. A human being is happy serving a purpose, whether that purpose be shallow or fabricated is irrelevant because the human mind creates reality by believing and he who controls what the human believes controls the reality that the human lives in. It is ingenious that those who control these perceptions leave themselves in oblivion.

No Glory Comes Without Turmoil

Hey! Just sharing some random thoughts with you all, if you wish to read then here you go:

Some of the time in some circumstances our biggest barrier is we ourselves as in some situations we form barrier in our minds without giving a deserving fight. No matter who we are, what we’ve done and how successful we may have been in the past, we always find ourselves in a place defined by our own boundaries; that is our current comfort zone.

We may have fought hard in the past to reach the comfort zone we’re at today and for that very well done! However deep down, is that it? Have we reached our destination for life or are we gonna keep journeying on, keep climbing higher, can we take it to the next level? What are our limits? I think there’s only one way to find it out and that’s to keep facing our fears. We all have them, I definitely do and it’s behind those walls that potential dreams lie. Is it risky? What if we get failed? Could we get hurt? Could it challenge our very existence and grind us to the inner core of our souls? Oh hell yes! No glory comes without turmoil.

So what’s the point of this message? Anything we’re disappointed about – we have nobody to blame but ourselves. All of us are at some road-block, it may be new or it may have been there for years. We may have failed multiple times trying to break through. I do believe the key is perseverance and never giving up, no matter how long it takes.

If you’re happy where you are then power to you. We’re all in this together, if we can get our minds off blaming and criticizing whatever the hell it is that we blame – at least for a moment, take responsibility and accept our fears, charge up and believe in ourselves at least for a moment, and then, this message has done its job. As much as I write this message for others, it’s also a message to me.


Vikas Sharma

Question Everything

Neither believing in everything blindly nor doubting everything without any substance would let our minds or thoughts to evolve. It would resist our knowledge and awareness from developing, it would resist us from learning and becoming self-aware. In fact, sometimes believing in everything blindly is like doubting everything at the same time. If I would have to explain what believing in something blindly means I would say it is not knowing exactly what is going on, it is not knowing the reason and trusting the unknown to handle it. When you believe in something blindly or without any reasons, you essentially let events happen and you don’t think about what caused it, what solved it, or what the aftermath can turn into.

Whereas doubting everything is a little tricky because it’s often confused with being skeptic. First, doubt is when you believe that something won’t work, whether it’s an action, an experiment, even an idea that is easy to understand. Skeptic is similar but is open to having its mind changed, where doubt, you pretty much cannot be convinced. Also note that doubt is an emotional response while skepticism is mental, so doubt is only the degree of how strong your emotion is, and therefore temporary, which is why it acts as a learning barrier. So to doubt everything means you are constantly using negative emotions to fend off any type of notion that there is a bright side that can be achieved.

The way is to Question everything. It would be good for us if we question everything as questioning everything will surely make us a genuine thinker which indeed can raise our awareness and knowledge, and help us in developing. It would let our minds and thoughts to evolve more, and make us self-aware. So question everything instead of doubting and believing everything or something blindly. Even if the answer is in front of you, question it to be certain, this word is the root of all intelligence, even curiosity is the attribute of questioning, and without it, we would had never learned much. So in the end I would say, question everything and don’t believe in anything unless it agrees with your own understanding, be a genuine thinker. I’m trying to be one, are you?

Peace and Love ~ Vikas Sharma

Propaganda or Truth

Sometimes, when I look up or listen to the news, I just feel how easily lie is being feed to us to deceive us or to make us think the way they want us to think; by they I mean those with powers with their some vested interest. We have to be aware and should not believe easily in everything we hear on the news media outlets on TV or read on the papers.

It’s easy to influence people through these medium, or to use it as a propaganda machine by those with powers. Whatsoever it is, actually it’s up to us whether we want to believe or not on everything they tell us without even thinking or looking at its other side. Those with powers or those with their some vested interests may exploit every possible way, every event or every national tragedy to deceive people and to promote fear. They may not show you the other side; they may show you the only face they want you to believe to be true. Not everything you hear, see or read there is truth, and in a same way not everything you hear, see or read there is propaganda or lie. All we have to do is keep our mind open and use our own understanding.

Have a good day/night friends – Vikas Sharma

Art, Adventure, Traveling, Exploration and Nature Connection

I believe and have experienced that we can expand our mind through art, adventure, traveling, exploration and nature connection. Every time when I travel into the nature, it opens my mind to more radical thoughts and gives me incredible sensation and joy, it gives me more positivity in my thoughts and makes me feel so serene from within. Every time when I travel into the nature, it makes me to think more peacefully and to question everything, it makes me feel that our everyday perceptions are only a tiny fraction of reality and everything is nothing with a twist.

Through art, adventure, traveling, exploration and nature connection we can expand our understanding of complicated maze that is the human and of course of the world around us too. Through any of these we may get more clear perception of the surrounding world and new possibilities to interpret it. It can broadened our views on life and can make us think in an entirely different way. I love to have adventures and love to be in the nature whenever I can be. I wish I could travel more not just into the nature but to all the places worth to see, feel and explore, haha! It’s just few things which keep me restricting from traveling most of the time else I would have been a traveler all the time, roaming around the world just to feel the rays of sun from different horizons, just to explore more, just to watch sunset and sunrise at different horizons, just to gain new experiences,  just to feel and understand the life and the world more.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas Sharma

Someone Out There!

Sometimes back in the past, I used to wonder, I used to think that was I the strangest person in the world? Was it just me who feels and thinks in that particular way? On my way towards the expansion of horizons I realized that possibly there can be many people in the world with the same things in the mind. We all have our own reality, we are humans with different perceptions and with different opinions, and perhaps, there can be someone or many people just like you or just like me who feels and who thinks the way you think or the way I think. I believe in few little things, and in those few little things I believe there can be someone out there who is thinking of a person just like me and if you are that person out there reading this then yes, it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.

Have a Good Day  – Vikas Sharma