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Barriers Laid Down by The Humans

Ignite The Thoughts (Expand The Horizon) By Vikas SharmaIt’s just we who choose what we want to do in our life, you can work in an organization or in a company, you can perform any kind of art you like, you can study whatever you want to, you can have any kind of hobbies or interests, you can be in any kind of profession, you can even move elsewhere and hunt for your own food, or in a nutshell you can do whatever you want to do. We just have to cross the barriers laid down by the humans, it’s just we who created the mental and physical boundaries and it’s only we who can break these boundaries. There is more to life than a job, there is more to life than just following daily routines or schedules, there is more to life than just following the instructions and rules of society or anyone. We all can do many things in our free time, and if ever you want to change anything in the world then first bring that change in yourself because that’s the best way to spread the change you seek in the world then from expecting others to change, don’t expect much from other as we all are fighting are own battle.

There is no predefined purpose of life. Everyone has their own opinion; everyone has their own priorities, objectives, and goals. Whatever the circumstances are, there is always a space for betterment as perfection can never be achieved completely, and moreover it’s good that there is no absolute perfection because it makes space for betterment at every step and at all the time. If you don’t like to live the way you’re living then start doing things you like before you become habituated to the circumstances, it’s with us, we can change, we can get better. The world is not complex; it’s we who make it complex. It will be better to think and ignite the thoughts on the topics you’re concerned rather than complaining and criticizing about the present and past. We all have to realize the truth that there is no separation, we all belongs to this planet and the world is not complex. It’s we, the humans who make this world complex. There is nothing wrong with the planet; our planet is doing fine since four and a half billion years or more. The planet has been through many worse things but nothing has stopped the planet from revolving on its orbit, nothing has devastated the planet, neither those comets or asteroids nor those volcanoes or earthquakes. It’s we, the people who have to change, who have to wake up and realize that it’s we who have to take care of certain things, and let’s not forget it’s just a one life we live and so we should try to spend it in our own peaceful way. Never let false information influence you, or any  other social concepts that doesn’t make any sense to you. Think freely, believe on the things which make sense to you and support what you want to support.

Much love to all, Peace 🙂