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It’s Not Easy, But Neither Impossible

Do you think life is short? Is it really short? I mean, how can it be short? It is not short; it is the longest activity of a human. Life is not short to spend on following our goals and ambitions but life is short to not follow our goals and ambitions. Life is short to spend on doing the things we don’t want to do and of course, life is short to hate and fight. Sometimes we get confused, or situation doesn’t let us do the things we want to do but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our goals and ambitions without trying our level best. Life is like a ride, a ride on an uneven path. Sometimes the path seems full of pits and hurdles, and sometimes the path is all smooth, flat and leveled. So take risks when you know can and do the things you want to do.

Spread a little love on the path you are treading and dream a dream. The world is bigger than our space and our actions have consequences, sometimes we didn’t realize it but we all contribute to our world in some way. We all are part of it and separation is merely an illusion. At the time, when we become aware with our inner self then we realize we don’t need everything we think we need. We realize there is a lot more we can do and we can achieve. We realize living up to society’s standards is not a life, living up a life on the rules or instructions of a society is not a life. We are all humans and we don’t deserve to be treated like chess pawns. So try to listen your intuition, have some goals and ambitions, be a learner and be a little crazy sometimes, have fun and smile more, and remember we can achieve our goals and ambitions by working hard and following our conscience. Let’s try to live our life to the fullest and follow our goals, dreams and ambitions, that’s where true happiness is. I know it’s not easy, but neither impossible.


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