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Constant Waterfall

Image Credit: Vikas Sharma

Constant waterfall of myriad words

Cascade down the hills shrouded in clouds

Intrigued to know, scouted the area

What can it be, can anybody answer?

In the dark! I peered into the stream

It’s not what you perceive, somebody screamed

In a complete daze,

I moved closer to the stream in amaze

The dream gets tensor then I awake

That constant waterfall is in our minds, I realized

The words are our thoughts, I unearthed

The hills are trail, on which we tread

The clouds are obstacle, to which we meet


Have a good day/night~ Vikas Sharma

With all the Sunsrises…

With all the sunrises and with all the sunsets, there are myriads of things tumbling up inside my head. For all the thoughts, for all the ideas and for all the pieces which all I want to arrange, I feel a day too short and a night too shorter. Bizarre feelings which sometimes generate a feel of shiver on my skin when I look at the world, but I don’t wonder much by now as my perception about the things make me feel comfortable. I feel old when I sit by side with my thoughts and side by side I feel as fresh as a waterfall when I tread on the path by one step more.
In the day, in the night, I find pleasure in staring at the infinity of a mild clear sky and catching up the thoughts which are like floating water droplets in the universe, in the sky. Thicket dark clouds or whether light blue clouds in the sky, I find all the time equally good for the things I want to do, for the things I want to explore or for the things I want to think about. It’s just my perception that we reflect waves of energy all around us with our thoughts, the thoughts which pop ups inside our mind. It’s like the more we understand ourselves or others, the more we feel calm and the more we look up on resolutions and with the more brightness in the thoughts of a man, the more serene that person will become for sure.

Have a Good Day/Night Friends ~ Vikas Sharma

Clouds down to the hills

manikaran, kullu, himachal pradesh, hot water spring, peaceful place.

Location – Manikaran(Himachal Pradesh, India)

Last year I have visited this place second time with some of my friends and this is one of the picture of hills of Manikaran. This is a place worth to visit, a small town surrounded by hills and one can feel the serenity of nature over here. Manikaran is well-known for its hot springs and temples.