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Until We Realize

The thing is until we realize that it is important to keep ourselves open to make changes in our conceptions, beliefs or thoughts wherever if required, we will never let ourselves to know the truth and we will keep looking and perceiving things through our misconceptions with a belief that we will get somewhere which again is a misconception. If we were seeing from truth in the first place we’d already be enlightened and would be aware about where we are leading ourselves. But to see from the truth, first we have to let go of our ego and ignorance as it doesn’t really ever let us to achieve enlightenment. With ego and ignorance within us, we try to solve an illusory problem, but truly the only thing the ego and ignorance will ever let us to find is that it is headed for nothing. When we realize our obstructions, limitations and incompleteness only then does the awakening happen and ego get demolished.

In a nutshell, it is about self-awareness which indeed is a continuous process, be in touch with your own self as discovering and understanding our own self is a continuous process.

Have a nice day ~ Vikas Sharma

All the conceptions…

All the conceptions, all the theories, all the things we have created, all the beliefs, everything is just the creation of our mind. It’s just our mind which becomes curious, doubtful or anxious and then it creates questions and then it’s again the human mind who answers the questions. It’s just a hide and seek of the same mind, it’s just the execution of thoughts in the mind. Someone’s mind creates questions and then that questions are answered by someone else’s mind or by his own mind. So, in the whole case it’s the mind which initiates the process and then itself ends it when it find something acceptable.