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Constructive Criticism

There are always chances of finding a seed of solution in between a constructive criticism by examining and understanding it. Constructive criticisms are always there to help us to make some strategies or improvements or to find the points where and why we are lagging or to find a way to overcome an issue. It is apparent that collective mass criticism can raise awareness on a topic which can lead to  better product or solution as more and more brains start to address the problem or the issue

In my perspective, a collective mass criticism can be turned into constructive by raising more and more mass discussion for solution of an issue for which the mass criticism is being done and then eventually agreeing on solution which is contributed by mass discussion. Such a way of finding a solution or solving a problem is called Open Source. In my opinion, open source is a great way to find a solution or to solve a problem and therefore ignoring open sources can mean ignoring road path to solution and also running away from criticisms. So all in all, if we look into criticisms then there will always be chances that we might find a solution or a path to solution or a seed of solution in between those few of the constructive criticisms.

Have a good/night friends ~ Vikas Sharma