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Random Thought

Life’s too short to play it safe, to submit to anyone’s dream but our own.


Life's too short to play it safe, to submit to anyone's dream but our own

Constant Waterfall

Image Credit: Vikas Sharma

Constant waterfall of myriad words

Cascade down the hills shrouded in clouds

Intrigued to know, scouted the area

What can it be, can anybody answer?

In the dark! I peered into the stream

It’s not what you perceive, somebody screamed

In a complete daze,

I moved closer to the stream in amaze

The dream gets tensor then I awake

That constant waterfall is in our minds, I realized

The words are our thoughts, I unearthed

The hills are trail, on which we tread

The clouds are obstacle, to which we meet


Have a good day/night~ Vikas Sharma

Mirror, It’s Just Me!

A ride with my thoughts,
A moment in my head,
An exploration in the mirror,
It’s just one of those day.
Standing in front of mirror,
strange! I see a perpetual reflection,
then another gaze in the curiosity,
as the image is getting more perplex.
Heap of questions in my mind,
hitting my perception,
as I wonder,
what if one day we all wake up,
what if one day we all realize,
the truth,
the truth we haven’t even imagined in our widest imagination,
the truth we haven’t even dreamed in our widest dream,
Questions, and all the things,
Yes! The things are shaking up my reflection,
Reflection in the mirror,
Mirror, it’s the surrounding
Mirror, it’s the world I live in
Mirror, it’s my thoughts.
Mirror, it’s just me!
Mirror, it’s within my mind.

-Keep exploring, as we are all explorers! ~ Vikas sharma

A Mysterious Man!

A mysterious man questions.

I was bit tired and bit restless,
looked up into the mirror
and my face tells it all.
Just when I was about to go to the bed
suddenly a man appeared,
a mysterious man appeared in the mirror.
With a smile on his face he called my name.
What the hell! I was dazed,
I rubbed my eyes
and looked again into the mirror,
the man was still in the mirror
with that smile on his face.
Anxiously I asked,
what do you want Mr. Illusion?
Don’t make me think critically,
I know you can deceive humans dramatically
Damn! I couldn’t believe as I heard his voice,
he asked with his soothing voice;
Can you lead me to a place where I can find all the answers to all my questions?
Can you lead me to a place where complexity doesn’t exist and everything is simple?
Can you lead me to a place where there is no race and people have nothing to chase?
Without a second thought I replied,
I have a few questions for you too!
How will one feel the urge to explore if everything is known and there is no questions?
How will one value the life and all the things if everything will be easy and simple?
What’s the point of running alone?
What’s the point of having desires and dreams if you can’t chase them down?
Then suddenly my morning alarm rings up
and I woke up from a deep dreamy sleep,
realizing it was the dream,
one of those funny absurd dream!

We are made…

We  are made up of atoms and our life is an imagination of our mind. It is just you against the mirror but it is your mind who interpret the reflection in the mirror. We don’t see what our eyes watch, we see what that our mind understands and then it creates the picture. It is like we live in the world of illusions and in this world our life is just a dream. And to have a calm and smooth sleep we should dream a beautiful dream.