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Incredible Solar Energy

Almost a year back, I worked in Central Electronics Limited as an intern for some months where I learned the concepts of solar photovoltaic and some other technologies. The time I spent there made me realize the true power of solar energy. So, in this post I want to share some of the things and fact about solar energy. I am not writing about any manufacturing process or any other kind of idea here, just some common solar energy related things.

Here’s it:

Our planet receives incredibly large amount of solar energy in its atmosphere and Earth surface approximately reflect back 30% of the received solar energy back to the space while the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans, land masses, and by the Earth surface. Now as the solar energy received by the Earth is incredibly large in amount, so if ever we able to use merely few percent(lets say 6-10%) of it then it can alone provide the enough power to the whole world to fulfill its all demands and requirements of electricity. The Sahara Desert receives that much amount of solar energy that it can alone power the whole Europe and more; now you can have idea about the capability of solar energy that Earth receives. But due to various reason, it’s still not possible to efficiently use this renewable and this incredibly large amount of energy. The process of harnessing, then storing, and then transmitting it to the people of the planet is somewhat expensive than other methods of generation of electricity, the process is complex as compared to other methods, the efficiency of solar panels is still not that great and there is some uncertainty in the information of solar energy. So far, it is believed that 99.99% of all the solar energy in the form of solar radiation goes to waste.

The amount of solar energy that strikes the Earth in one hour is more than enough to provide all of the Earth’s energy needs for a complete year. The top photovoltaic panels only have an efficiency of about 15%, meaning that only about one seventh of the solar energy that hits the panel is converted into usable electrical energy and with the rise in temperature, a photovoltaic panel loses its efficiency. So, there is great need to improve efficiency and some pitfalls of photovoltaic panels, and until the cost of producing a solar panel is lowered, solar energy can’t match the cost of current energy production. Moreover, depending on the location in relation to the equator, one may need more solar panels to accumulate the same amount of power. Solar energy is not available at night and therefore energy storage is an important issue for continuous supply of power from solar energy systems. Off-grid photovoltaic systems use rechargeable batteries to store excess electricity and in grid-tied systems, excess electricity can be sent to the transmission grid, while standard grid electricity can be used to meet shortfalls. There are some other ways also for this purpose like thermal mass systems and molten salts systems.

With the improvement in the methods, using new ideas and technologies, and with the advancement in field of solar energy, it is possible that solar energy will be our one of the major method for production of electricity in future.

Here are examples:

Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant-

Gemasolar is a concentrated solar power plant with a molten salt heat storage system, located within the city limits of Fuentes de Andalucía in the province of Seville, Spain. Gemasolar is the first commercial solar plant with central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology.  In addition, its storage system allows it to produce electricity for 15 hours without sunlight. This storage capacity makes its solar power manageable so that it can be supplied based on demand. Gemasolar, with its 19.9 megawatts of power, can supply 110 gigawatts per year which is enough to supply power to 27,500 homes. The plant has been operational since May 2011.

Solar energy, future of energy production, Gemasolar, Spain

Source:, Author: Torresol Energy

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System-

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, is a solar thermal power project currently under construction in the San Bernardino County, California, USA, with a planned capacity of 392 megawatts which is the highest capacity of any solar thermal power stations in the world. There are many other solar thermal power stations across the world.


and The Reason is Here – The Universe and Connection

How we are all interconnected?This post is just a brief explanation of my last post. The post where I’ve written “The universe is full of wisdom and if you try to learn about it a little, if you try to understand about it a little then at some point it will teach you how we all are connected with each other and with all the things. In the period you try to understand about the universe, you will suddenly realize how a single perception, how a single conception plays a role in the humans life.”

There are reasons why I’ve written that and if you really want to know the reasons behind it then read the following things.
I’m just trying to explain it as briefly as I can. So, here’s it:

How can you say that we are made up of atoms? The answer to this question is not much difficult. We know that cells are made up of molecules, molecules are made up of atoms; humans and all the beings are made of cells and hence, we are made of various molecules and atoms. Now from where did these atom come from and how were they made? The answer to these questions lies in the creation of the universe. Long ago when the universe formed, at that time subatomic particles assembled into atoms and they formed hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen, the first element ever formed in the universe, the simplest type of atom. After that as the universe aged other elements were also created and that’s why it is said that every element on earth, except for the lightest was created in the some massive stars.

Now, we can say that every element in the periodic table aside from hydrogen is essentially a stardust as hydrogen is a big bang dust. So, lets see how much we are made up of stardust, and to know that we have to exclude hydrogen as it’s a big bang dust not a stardust.

Our body is composed of billions of billion atoms and in all these atoms some of them are hydrogen. Most of the hydrogen in our body floats around in the form of water and water usually makes up 55%-78%(approx.) of the human body and hydrogen only accounts for 11% of that water mass and from this, we can say that 92.5-93.7%(approx.) of the mass in our body is stardust. Hence, we are all made up of stardust and if you include hydrogen too then we are all made up of atoms, which were created in the universe long ago. Calcium in our bones, Iron in our blood, all were created in some massive stars!

However, I’m well aware of the fact that the truth can be a lot different from the theories, physics, philosophies, facts, understanding or everything and it can be a lot crazier and astonishing than we can even imagine. But so far, this is what I think about us and the universe, this is what I’ve learned and it fits into my understanding.

What Is Time?

What Is Time?

Everyone knows what time is. It is what we measure in minutes, hours, days, etc and we follow it with clocks and calendars. In simple words, it is a dimension along which events are ordered from the past through the present into the future, it is a dimension along which we measure the durations of events and the intervals between them. Don’t you think time is more than this statement? Ever you wonder, what is time? Is there something more about time?  Is it just what clock and calendar measures or something more? What is time actually?

Time is a concept, it’s a self-evident concept. We all know about it, don’t we? But there is more than that, there is a lot more about time. There are many perceptions about time, there are many theories which explains what actually time is. Early in the back days, people used sun and stars instead of clocks. Humans always felt the need of the concept of time. This post is about the time but I don’t want to go much deeper into this topic as this topic is too broader to explain with lots of theories, philosophies, physics and then of course my own perceptions about time and I don’t want to make this post too complicated to understand.

Here’s a few words on this topic, a few words to explain what I think about time in very simple words:

Time is basically divided into past, present and future, so lets start with past. Anything which happened doesn’t matter whether it’s known to you or not, it is past. Present is infinitesimal and future doesn’t exist, it’s just based upon the events of past and present. Everything which is happening right now can contribute to the future of anyone. The things someone did in the past, the things someone is doing in the present can play a part in shaping someone’s present in the future including his own present of the future. Future is a projection created by our imagination, knowledge, experiences or by the acts of anyone. When you draw something with a pen on a piece of paper, the things you have drawn is past and the thing you are drawing is present, it’s just all about the touch of the tip of pen to the paper and as soon as it touches the paper present becomes past and future becomes present, that’s how small is the present and all the things you are about to draw is a future. So past, present and future they all exist without the concept of time.

Lets try to go little deeper in this concept. Time is a concept to measure the motion of anything or the change in anything, considering the motion of all particles; the motion of atoms. It’s a concept to measure the motion or the change in the whole universe. How do we measure anything like if we have to measure weight? We just compare it with some kind of standard that we have defined. By comparing something with a particular standard we calculate or measure the unknown things, that’s how we do it. We have created standard to measure things and to measure motion or change we have created the concept of time, like miles per hour, 24 hours is equal to one complete rotation of the earth on its axis, then one revolution of the earth around the sun is equal to 365 days(one year), etc. It shows that when we are dealing with time we are actually dealing with some standard of motion. When there were not any clocks as we have now, people used to measure time with the help of position of the sun and stars. We always felt the need of such concept and it’s a part of our living. If we didn’t have clocks then we would be depending on some other things and we would make some other concept to measure the events, changes and motion. If somewhere in the universe there’s a life then it’s possible that they might have created some other concept as we have created the concept of time. Time is attached with the motion and forces. It depends upon the motion and the forces of atoms, it depends upon the motion and the forces of everything which exist in the whole universe as everything is made up of atoms.

From the above written post, we can conclude that time is just a standard to measure motion and change, a standard created on the base of motion and forces, and that’s why it changes at different points in the universe. Existence of anything doesn’t depend upon the time;  past, present and future are not time dependent. Time is just a concept that we have defined. So I don’t believe in the possibility of time travel; to me the concept of time travel doesn’t make any sense, you can’t go back in the past, you can’t turn an omelet into an egg. However, nothing is sure as reality is too deep and there is no deep reality. Lastly one more thing, we can go to the future and we are going there right now as the present is infinitesimal!

Show In The Sky

 Perseid meteor shower show in the sky.

How about watching a delightful Perseid meteor shower show in the sky on this weekend?

Here’s something about this event:

A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors are observed to radiate from one point in the night sky. The Perseid meteor shower is one of them, this kind of event occurs when our planet the Earth crosses the path of a comet( in this case, it’s comet Swift-Tuttle) and sweeps into a stream of space debris. When a piece of debris hits the atmosphere it vaporizes, leaving a temporary glowing trail behind. The Perseid meteor shower happening around the world for the past few days will reach its peak during on 11 and 12 of August, it means we may see a beautiful and delightful meteor shower show with large number of meteors coming down the same track in groups or one by one and illuminating the sky with a numerous streaks of light if clouds doesn’t spoils the show. It can be enjoyed best with the naked eye.

The Perseid meteor shower occurs every year between the period of July to August, this is not a first time it’s happening. The earliest record of Perseid meteor shower activity comes from the Chinese annals, the ancient Chinese sky watchers first documented the meteor event in 36 AD and it’s not the only meteor shower occurrence in the sky, there are other meteor showers also. Like all meteor showers, the Perseids are named for the constellation from which they appear to radiate. They appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky and hence, the name derives in part from the word Perseides, a term found in Greek mythology referring to the sons of Perseus. Though the name derives in part from the word Pereides, the constellation has nothing to do with where the meteors were born. The Perseid  meteor shower are probably the most-watched meteor shower because of its impressive display.  The meteors can flash into view anywhere in the sky as long as constellation Perseus is above the horizon. If you can then do have a watch at this meteor shower on this weekend, you will be delighted by this beautiful meteor shower!

I was just wondering…

                                     I was just wondering how one can live his life to the fullest and this made me to put this blog in front of you all. There are many things which we can do to live our life to the fullest, why settle for anything less if you deserve something better? We all deserve the best! And to get the best out of our life, we all should keep developing ourselves. Try to find pleasure in everything around you, it’s a beautiful world if you know there to look. Love every bit of your life to the fullest whether it is pleasant or not as it belongs to you, somehow you are the man who is responsible for creating all these moment around you! Always relish in the little moments because these little moments make your life complete.  Spending time with your family and friends! Snuggling under warm covers on a  rainy day! Ice cream on a hot day! A kiss with your loved one! A walk by the park! The gentle breeze on your face! Sometimes, getting drenched in the rain! Quiet, alone time! Calling someone after a long time. Feel all these little moments. And if possible, try new things! What’s something you would normally not do? Get out of your comfort zone, try something different. It can be something simple like instantly planing to visit a place with your friends, taking a new route, any surprise to your friends or to your family members, trying a new food item which you have never tried, picking up a new interest or hobby. There are many things; you can try something bigger, like studying a different field, traveling to a place you have never thought to visit, exploring any unknown place. You know, there is a lot to explore, there is a lot to learn and experience.
As Steve Jobs said  ~ “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma, which is living the result of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
                                     Life is too short to do anything else you don’t like. Sometimes, situation doesn’t favor us to do the things we love to do but never give up easily. Try to do the things you love because who knows maybe someday you will get what you want! We all have certain things in our life which gives us fulfillment and happiness, try to spend time on those things. Never stop learning from your surrounding, there is something to learn from everything you see, hear and experience. This includes everything like your mistakes, misconceptions or anything you did wrong in your past, i mean if any! Then learn from all these things and surely it will going to make you better person than you were in past. I think, nobody is perfect and practice can’t make anybody perfect but practice is one of the thing which makes you better and more better. So, never stop practicing to become a better person. There is one more thing which can help you to become a better person and that is criticism. Try to learn from criticism and be open to criticism but don’t be affected by it. Criticism is meant to help you be a better person. There are many things which can contribute to our betterment. And If there’s anything you don’t like about someone, say it to him in the face or otherwise, don’t say it at all. Backbiting is not a nice thing to do. We are human beings and there are lots of things which we face in our day to day life, try to understand and feel another person’s feelings! Try to be empathetic. If everyone only see life from his own perspective, we’ll forever be close-minded and insular. See things from others’ shoes. Be a compassionate person! Show compassion and kindness to everyone around you.
As said by Dalai Lama ~ “Compassion is something really worthwhile. It is not just a religious or spiritual subject, not a matter of ideology. It is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Compassion and love are precious things in life. They are not complicated: they are simple, but difficult to practice.”

                                   I must want to say this that without creativity and art earth would be just dull. Fall into any kind of art. Art can make our life more bearable, art is a way to grow our soul and art can teach you many things about the life. And creativity is one of the important thing which makes us superior than other living beings on our planet. Creativity makes our life different. So, focus on creation! Think about what you can bring to the world, and try to create that! There will be a lot of people you will be going to appreciate your creativity and art. Bring changes in yourself, we live in a world where we have so many things to do, there are so many taboos in our society, there are many things we want to change in the world. As in a simple words, if you want a change then be the change. The only person you can change is yourself! Stop expecting others to behave in a certain way. Rather than demand that others around you change, focus on changing yourself.
                                Let the people who’ve touched you know of your gratitude towards them, so express gratitude. If you don’t tell them, they’ll  never know; expressing gratitude makes a positive connection. Let loose and have fun! hanging out with your friends or your family! Sing at the top of your lungs! Dance in the rain! Watching movie with your beloved one! Sometimes, breaking your limits! Getting into nature and feel it! Smile more. Are you reading this with a straight face? Smile and have fun. It’s only through being the best we can live our life to the fullest! Love yourself, you are the person who have to live with you for the rest with your life. Treasure and love yourself!  Love others,  be grateful for all the people around you because they help you to grow. They enrich your life experience. At last I want to say, Love life, living a life is fascinating experience; and I believe our life should be composed of these five things: Live, Explore, Learn, Create and Share!
Always Remember: If life is hard, so live it hard and enjoy it to the fullest!