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With all the Sunsrises…

With all the sunrises and with all the sunsets, there are myriads of things tumbling up inside my head. For all the thoughts, for all the ideas and for all the pieces which all I want to arrange, I feel a day too short and a night too shorter. Bizarre feelings which sometimes generate a feel of shiver on my skin when I look at the world, but I don’t wonder much by now as my perception about the things make me feel comfortable. I feel old when I sit by side with my thoughts and side by side I feel as fresh as a waterfall when I tread on the path by one step more.
In the day, in the night, I find pleasure in staring at the infinity of a mild clear sky and catching up the thoughts which are like floating water droplets in the universe, in the sky. Thicket dark clouds or whether light blue clouds in the sky, I find all the time equally good for the things I want to do, for the things I want to explore or for the things I want to think about. It’s just my perception that we reflect waves of energy all around us with our thoughts, the thoughts which pop ups inside our mind. It’s like the more we understand ourselves or others, the more we feel calm and the more we look up on resolutions and with the more brightness in the thoughts of a man, the more serene that person will become for sure.

Have a Good Day/Night Friends ~ Vikas Sharma

All The Wonder Around Us All

We all are always changing in all of our walks of life but if we keep walking on the path causing destructions then apparently we are not learning much or at least acknowledging the lessons and opportunities to grow from our actions that may not have led to good outcomes. We as human beings on this earth seem to be having a hard time accepting the past occurrence, learning from them, and then evolving from there. From what I can imagine and others have spoken of, the greatest things that we all could do to help ourselves evolve and grow. We must go outside into what this world really is, like in nature, appreciate its beauty and energy it provides, there you may feel all are one and interconnected. Get out into the world, try to search and think what you can bring up to the world for its betterment. Try to focus on the dance of yourself because if you are not well and happy then how can you make a better surrounding around you. It all starts from the individual first then it get reflected in its surroundings. By acknowledging and appreciating all of the beautiful things in this world, in this universe and beyond, maybe we can start to see, hear, feel the beauty and then maybe we can begin together to appreciate, love, and help all wonderful things that we thought may only be in our dreams. The whole is an immense and the begin of our path of growth and evolution begins with us feeling and looking within to see all of the wonder around us all.

We Are All Energy, And Everything is.

 There is no such thing as time during death, therefore creating eternity. There is no such thing as time in space either, time is as real as Santa Clause, he exists only if you believe it to be true. Everything which has existence is formed up in some giant stars, and yes! I believe we are all made up of the star-dust, we are all present in this giant universe in the form of star-dust since the time when the stars were formed, and we had been dead for trillions of years before we were born. Until we are not dead, we are connected with our body and brain, and with the people and all the other things around us.  So, keep yourself safe!

We are all energy, and everything is. Energy which can’t be destroyed, and therefore we are present since the time this whole lot of absolute energy existed. We have heart and brain, and power to think, learn and create; and of course we the humans love to be treated with love and respect, we have capability to shape our life. Life, which is inherently meaningless and full of props. It is us who have meaning, it is us who instill meaning into life, and it is us who instill meaning into the props of life. We are bound with others by memories, affections, and emotions. We are bound with others by energies.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Vikas Sharma - Expand The Horizon(Breathe in, Breathe out) Are you going through some problematic things and wondering how to get your life back on tracks? I think it all depends on us how to get our life back on tracks. Ups and down are part of life, I’ve seen ups and down in my life and we all go through it, don’t we? Sometimes, things are inevitable, shit happens and I know it can be difficult to believe sometimes but everything happens for a reason, there is always something behind everything. The reasons which slide you out of tracks can be anything; sometimes we don’t realize why the things are getting worse, or why the things are not going smooth. Sometimes, you feel that you’re trudging a path and you don’t have any idea where are you heading. Remember, the only person who can understand your deepest, actual and all problems, or situations is “You”. It’s you who have to identify your things, why something is happening to you and then try to solve it.

Take your time and relax yourself then try to figure out why things are happening like this? Are you wondering what to do as there are too many ideas and you can’t make decision on one, or are you wondering what to do as you don’t have any single idea to work on? Are you confused, overwhelmed, or lost, and you don’t know what to do? Do you have many dreams and don’t know how to turn them into reality? Are you a huge procrastinator, or too lazy to act on your plans? Are you confused about your goals, dreams and passions? Do you feel like you have no idea what you’re going to do with your life? Do you feel like you’re devastated? Do you feel like your world is tumbling down around you and nothing seems to be staying at its rightful place? Are you afraid of what people will say about you? Are you controlled by negativity which is deep-rooted in your psyche because of past failures, or old wounds? Are you sad and have no real friends in life to share your things? Do you want to change everything about yourself, but there are so many things wrong in your life and you don’t know where to begin? Do you feel like you have no social life? Do you feel there is no one to motivate and support you? Sometimes, do you feel like crying out loud? Do you fear the failure before even beginning things? Sometimes, do you think “Why me, why!”?

There are many more questions, or problematic things. There are reasons behind everything and if something is going wrong then we should try to discover the reason behind it, and then solve it with all the efforts if possible. Of course, it doesn’t take an hour to get your life back on tracks but if we try to recognize problems and then searching the solutions to solve it can help a lot. Sometimes there are things which can’t be fixed after trying all efforts, in that case just leave it behind and move on. We all have to change ourselves for better life and living, and if we want to change our life and living then we have to change our thinking and we have to do the things we are not doing, or doing the same things in a different manner. If you feel like there is nobody to support or motivate you, then just stand against the mirror and look at yourself, it’s “You” the only person who knows what actually you need and what’s your real potential, you can achieve your goals, don’t worry much about support; just be open for it if you get it from anyone, from anywhere. Never let people put you down rather try to encourage people around you as when you encourage someone it adds positivity in your life too and it doesn’t really matters whether the people really affected with your encouragement stuff or not, it still adds positivity in your life. Never have an attitude like “I don’t give a shit to anything”. There are things we have to take care of, don’t you think that? Remember, we are what we make of ourselves, so don’t get affected by others wrong judgmental behaviors, living the life you want will bring happiness to you and don’t be afraid of failure. Just believe in yourself and there’s no need to be afraid of failure. If you don’t succeed then try again, just keep trying on your things. Sometimes, it takes a lot of investment of time and energy to get things done.

I believe in creating beauty in everything. We should try to make something beautiful out of every bad situation, we can do it, it’s not impossible just a little or more difficult. If you can, then be a part of any kind of any activity, it can help to release the energy which you have kept inside unused; and try to be a stress less as much as you can. Stress can affect our productivity levels as a stressed mind can’t work up to its actual potential, and it can distort our thinking too. I know it’s not easy to keep ourselves totally isolated or away from mental stress but we can try to keep ourselves stress free as much as possible. Try to learn from other people, ask someone you admire how they got where they are today, and ask your elder or anyone whom you believe. Listening and learning about how they faced their problems or difficulties throughout their life, and maintained grace throughout it all can help us knowing about the things more, it can help us in our personal endeavors too.

Sometimes, we all need to do is just relax and take a break; let yourself recharge, breathe in, breathe out, feed yourself some positivity and keep your head up. Don’t give up easily, identify your strengths and new possibilities, be open to new impressions, and broader your vision as problems can’t be solved with too narrow vision. Restore your perspective in order that you can see more clearly and don’t always stick to routines. It doesn’t matter what order you do the things when you know what you need to do or what you have to do on any given day. Sometimes it’s good to do things which are not part of your routine, sometimes it’s good to get out of daily routines and schedules. So have fun and be crazy sometimes, do the things which draw a smile on your face. Sometimes, we fail to see that what’s needed is in front of our eyes and therefore, sometimes it’s good to turn down the noise and listen to what’s arising from your deepest self. We all are into this journey of life and we slip and slide on our way. What keeps us going is the music, music of the life, music of the universe. Keep rhyming yourself with the music of the universe.

One of the reasons for chaos in the world is we divide ourselves on the base of some things and forget that we are humans first. There is no separation, and hence awakening is certainly due. Try to remove elements of negativity from your life, or things you don’t want to do, or just try to convert negativity into something beautiful. Clean your house from top to bottom and throw away anything unnecessary or out-dated, always keep a free space for new things by removing unnecessary and out-dated things. Learn from past mistakes. Usually, we make a lot of mistakes during our lifetime. Just keep learning from your mistakes, gain wisdom and knowledge from it, and avoid its repetition. Just don’t let your past mishaps to affect your present, and it’s not bad to release your emotions. There is always a healthy and unhealthy side to every emotion. We were taught that adults are not supposed to cry. No one can decide who can cry or who can’t just on the base of age. Sometimes, it’s good to just sit down and have a good hard cry. This is healthy for everyone, and it can make us feel lighter. Moreover, we are human beings with feelings and emotions, so it’s alright to cry out loud. Always have confidence in yourself; speak and act with confidence. Are you able to stand by what you do and say? If not, it may be time to re-examine your own things, or words.

Don’t put off difficult conversations, deal with such problems mindfully. Talk to strangers, reconnect with old friends and with relatives who live far away, and with the people you miss. Go out into the Nature. Nature has an ability to help calm our mind; it gives us new perspective, and clears our thoughts. Take a walk in the woods, climb a mountain, or just get into the nature and do some trekking, hiking, camping at any level of difficulty; it gives a sense of pride, accomplishment and relaxation. Take up a new interest or hobby; you never know where a simple interest or hobby can lead you in life. So, it’s always good to spend some time on the activities you like, so whenever possible try to spend some time on the activities you enjoy such as dancing, biking, playing any music instrument, singing, drawing, writing, photography, or anything you like. Go to a beach where you can sit, or walk on its shore and listen to the waves crashing against the shore, get up and dance to one of your favorite tunes, listen to your favorite music, exercise regularly and eat well, there are many things which can refresh your mind and energy.

Most of us has experienced the moment when we say “Yes” to something, when we know it’s not right for us but still we do it. As soon as say yes, we hear a voice that screams “No, No!” inside us but somehow another part of us kicks in and our mind overrules the wisdom of our body and we find ourselves on a path we never intended. If ever you find yourself in such a situation then remember the only person who knows you took a wrong turn is “You” and only you can decide when to get back on your tracks and how. Admit as quickly as possible, you made a choice that led you to the wrong path and after that decide how you’re going to get back on track. It’s not the end until you give up and it’s good to talk about your problems with your close friends, or with your family, or with any one whom you can trust and believe as this can help you to feel lighter. We all face some challenges in our life and it’s with us how to reply to these challenges. Sometimes, it seems like every single thing is going wrong and sometimes, you wonder why everybody else gets some help and you can’t seem to get any. Sometimes, some things are out of our control, sometimes you don’t get the desired results, sometimes you miss the opportunity of something good, friends move, thousands of people apply for the same job, relationships end, people lies and cheats, and more, and more, and more. Remember, shit happens and all these things happen to many other people every day in this whole world, you’re not alone. It’s up to you; get back on tracks with life. Sometimes, it can take time, and it can be difficult but not impossible.

Incredible Solar Energy

Almost a year back, I worked in Central Electronics Limited as an intern for some months where I learned the concepts of solar photovoltaic and some other technologies. The time I spent there made me realize the true power of solar energy. So, in this post I want to share some of the things and fact about solar energy. I am not writing about any manufacturing process or any other kind of idea here, just some common solar energy related things.

Here’s it:

Our planet receives incredibly large amount of solar energy in its atmosphere and Earth surface approximately reflect back 30% of the received solar energy back to the space while the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans, land masses, and by the Earth surface. Now as the solar energy received by the Earth is incredibly large in amount, so if ever we able to use merely few percent(lets say 6-10%) of it then it can alone provide the enough power to the whole world to fulfill its all demands and requirements of electricity. The Sahara Desert receives that much amount of solar energy that it can alone power the whole Europe and more; now you can have idea about the capability of solar energy that Earth receives. But due to various reason, it’s still not possible to efficiently use this renewable and this incredibly large amount of energy. The process of harnessing, then storing, and then transmitting it to the people of the planet is somewhat expensive than other methods of generation of electricity, the process is complex as compared to other methods, the efficiency of solar panels is still not that great and there is some uncertainty in the information of solar energy. So far, it is believed that 99.99% of all the solar energy in the form of solar radiation goes to waste.

The amount of solar energy that strikes the Earth in one hour is more than enough to provide all of the Earth’s energy needs for a complete year. The top photovoltaic panels only have an efficiency of about 15%, meaning that only about one seventh of the solar energy that hits the panel is converted into usable electrical energy and with the rise in temperature, a photovoltaic panel loses its efficiency. So, there is great need to improve efficiency and some pitfalls of photovoltaic panels, and until the cost of producing a solar panel is lowered, solar energy can’t match the cost of current energy production. Moreover, depending on the location in relation to the equator, one may need more solar panels to accumulate the same amount of power. Solar energy is not available at night and therefore energy storage is an important issue for continuous supply of power from solar energy systems. Off-grid photovoltaic systems use rechargeable batteries to store excess electricity and in grid-tied systems, excess electricity can be sent to the transmission grid, while standard grid electricity can be used to meet shortfalls. There are some other ways also for this purpose like thermal mass systems and molten salts systems.

With the improvement in the methods, using new ideas and technologies, and with the advancement in field of solar energy, it is possible that solar energy will be our one of the major method for production of electricity in future.

Here are examples:

Gemasolar Thermosolar Plant-

Gemasolar is a concentrated solar power plant with a molten salt heat storage system, located within the city limits of Fuentes de Andalucía in the province of Seville, Spain. Gemasolar is the first commercial solar plant with central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology.  In addition, its storage system allows it to produce electricity for 15 hours without sunlight. This storage capacity makes its solar power manageable so that it can be supplied based on demand. Gemasolar, with its 19.9 megawatts of power, can supply 110 gigawatts per year which is enough to supply power to 27,500 homes. The plant has been operational since May 2011.

Solar energy, future of energy production, Gemasolar, Spain

Source:, Author: Torresol Energy

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System-

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, is a solar thermal power project currently under construction in the San Bernardino County, California, USA, with a planned capacity of 392 megawatts which is the highest capacity of any solar thermal power stations in the world. There are many other solar thermal power stations across the world.


Random Thought

I like to believe that thoughts are a form of energy and as energy can be transferred from one place to the other, so as thoughts can also be transferred. There is always probability that your thoughts can become someone else’s thoughts. It’s just about hitting the right words which can enter into the minds of others. So we should be careful with our thoughts; our thoughts should be clear, beautiful, progressive, productive or creative. Moreover, the more we exchange our thoughts with others, the more we learn and understand about the things.


We are all connected. Galaxies, stars, planets, people, animals, plants and everything around us or everything which has existence in this universe are connected to each other. We are like droplets in this universe. We all are energy and everything around us is energy and hence we are all connected with everything.