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At Peace With Yourself

The world as a whole can’t be in peace until the last person will learn to live at peace with himself/herself or just simply start to live in peace. It’s not about expecting from others to be at peace, it’s about being at peace with yourself. The soul of the world is nourished by the peace of each and every human; it all begins with individualistic peace, it’s about us not about them. Give a time to yourself and think about it, do you feel the peace or the chaos?

Let the energy of peace flow in the universe from within you, let the mind be at peace and let it grow. Sometimes, at some moments in life you might find it difficult to be at peace with yourself and that moment would be a test of your endurance and time to observe yourself to find the reasons and then to resolve them. I’m not any guru, not a saint, not any enlighten being, I’m just as you who is trying to be at peace with himself, who like to observe himself, who believe enlighten is an ever going process, who want to experience different skies and horizons, who want to explore the things around and within.

Much love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

Enlighten me more

As per my views, there are basically three kinds of traveling we do. First is when we travel alone, that is solo traveling; second is when we travel in a group or with a friend of different minds; and third is when we travel with a likeminded person or in a likeminded group. Travel in whichever way if you look with the eyes of explorer or learner you can discover a lot about yourself and the world but still there is a different pleasure in traveling in all these different ways and each has its own significance too. I would love to travel with a likeminded person or in a likeminded group as I feel I have had not experienced it fully yet, would love to do it more and more but except that I love to travel in a group or just with a friend too of different minds than being just a solo traveler, but through my experiences I felt that I learn and think more when I tread on a trail alone. Perhaps, it is because when I travel alone my mind talks to itself and conversation of a mind to itself is conversation with the universe, the universe of mind. I relish all the moments of my travels as wisdom, knowledge or life shifting good experiences can come out through any of the way and also as per my views a person can’t have as much fun as there is in traveling with a friend or in group than being solo traveler; doesn’t matter whether likeminded or not. We can learn a lot by traveling, from our traveling experiences, and differences are there to teach us more.

I believe traveling is a way to discover yourself and the world too. A person’s traveling experiences can be full of wisdom and enlightenment, and I wish to gain it more as enlightenment is an ever going process. Yes! Just give me wisdom and enlighten me more.
Peace and love to all ~ Vikas Sharma

Watch Me Flying High Above The Cliffs

Watch me flying high above the cliffs and live your life with a smile on your face.

Well again a few words I would like to share with all of you and this time it’s on suffering, the mental suffering. It’s just what I think about mental suffering and personally this post is not intended for anyone in any sense as these are just views, nothing more than that. If you want to read it then go ahead and in any case if you wish then you can add your comments or thoughts after reading this post.

Memories are wonderful if we don’t get stuck in the past. Dreams are always good if we don’t get trapped up in the web of dream world. Expectations makes us feel lighter if we don’t rely much on them. Without memories, without dreams and without expectations, we will be as good as dead. If we get stuck in the past with memories, if we get trapped in the dream world, if we mostly reply on expectations then there is always a very strong chance that we’ll encounter with suffering. Having desires and dreams are always good, it makes us feel alive, it makes us excited about the life, it makes us doing something to fulfill them but making a hills of desires and dreams of which we don’t even have any idea or we don’t even know where and how to climb up and how to get up on it, can lead to suffering. Relying on exceptions at most of time is like becoming a slave of hopes and in other way it can lead to suffering. Getting stuck in the past with memories will never let you to live your present. Life is tough and it is supposed to be like that as most of the time easy and simple things are ignored or low valued by the world.

Now, if someone is suffering what does that mean? It means something has went wrong with that person, with its past, desires, dreams or expectations. No one suffers by a chance, there is always something behind it. We are humans, things can go wrong, things can get messed up and sometimes life may become unbearable and directionless. If you ever reach at this point in your life, just sit at a place where you feel comfortable and just try to enlighten yourself with your own consciousness. You have brain in your head and there is always something to learn from everything you are facing and I believe there is a lot a person can learn when s/he suffers, learn from it then overcome it. You just have to catch up the wisdom which is there in the suffering and then move away from it with a better person than you used to be in the past, the things you learn while you suffer, keep them in your mind and heart; that wisdom will be your best guide through out the life. Sometimes, it’s the suffering which gives a birth to something beautiful and powerful things, we just have to realize that we are the owner of our life, we are the fire which can blow up the hurdles, we have the power to shout out loud; so stand up against the mirror and just say it to yourself – watch me soaring and watch me flying high above the cliffs.