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Peering Through The Mist

Peering through the mist, to see what I could see,

Mind caught between the barren land and gray cast sky,

The state of equilibrium clattering making chaos,

Thunder lightning generating thoughts,

Listening to the dripping of rain drops,

What all can be done, and provoking thoughts,

On instability, bigotry, lies and hates

I’m uncertain, is it dark clouds of ignorance brought it all?

On the edge of sanity,

I hold on to the string of force in tranquility,

On the frost window pane of thoughts,

I portray how the world is shrouded with illusions and gets worse,

How humans are confined not to see beyond the wall of fake pride,

As we commend justice and peace, yet we slay it per diem with lies and hate,

We commend love and equality, yet we let prejudice breed and let us segregate.

State of Equilibrium

A mind shaped by new ideas, experiences, wisdom, perspectives or by new understandings cannot back to its previous state if all of these makes perfect sense with the thinking of a man. It’s all about attaining a state of equilibrium in the mind, and once it is attained a mind cannot go back to its previous state.
– Vikas Sharma