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Evolution or Transformation

Throughout our whole life at some points we all might go through a form of evolution or transformation after which we learn to look at ourselves and at other things more critically and differently. Perhaps, we could go through this many times in our lifetime, and perhaps, that is the nature of the collective psyche which always tries to expand through the individual. There is endless possibilities, so much to know, so much to explore, and it could be possible that we are just scratching the surface in terms of what we know and understand about life and all the things around us. Our concept of reality could be an illusion, our concept of time and other things could be an illusion, the universe holds uncountable unimaginable mysteries within itself for us, and it’s just wonderful how we all thrive on this planet and experiencing things individually or collectively. We are all connected, we are all vibrations of vibrating energy, we are all made up of the same stuff.
Have a good day/night friends ~ Vikas Sharma

Random Thought

I believe, as like enlightenment, evolution is a continuous process; evolution of thoughts, evolution of ideas, evolution of our minds. We are supposed to keep evolving.

Peace and love ~ Vikas Sharma

All The Wonder Around Us All

We all are always changing in all of our walks of life but if we keep walking on the path causing destructions then apparently we are not learning much or at least acknowledging the lessons and opportunities to grow from our actions that may not have led to good outcomes. We as human beings on this earth seem to be having a hard time accepting the past occurrence, learning from them, and then evolving from there. From what I can imagine and others have spoken of, the greatest things that we all could do to help ourselves evolve and grow. We must go outside into what this world really is, like in nature, appreciate its beauty and energy it provides, there you may feel all are one and interconnected. Get out into the world, try to search and think what you can bring up to the world for its betterment. Try to focus on the dance of yourself because if you are not well and happy then how can you make a better surrounding around you. It all starts from the individual first then it get reflected in its surroundings. By acknowledging and appreciating all of the beautiful things in this world, in this universe and beyond, maybe we can start to see, hear, feel the beauty and then maybe we can begin together to appreciate, love, and help all wonderful things that we thought may only be in our dreams. The whole is an immense and the begin of our path of growth and evolution begins with us feeling and looking within to see all of the wonder around us all.


We are merely temporary residents on the planet earth. We are all just visitors to this place, to this planet. We are just experiencing the world, our surrounding and all the things by our senses, by our mind, and through any other mean which is eventually the human creation. We are nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe, even the planet on which we live is nothing more than a speck of dust in the universe. We are just the result of billions of billion years of evolution. Evolution and our capability to create the things which we want or need or which we can create is reason why our world keeps on changing with the time, time which indeed is a concept. We are all observers, learners, explorers, creators and of course, all these traits are in our nature, in humans nature.
Our mind believes what it find acceptable or what it find understandable and therefore we may easily get caught up in illusions. It is beautiful to realize about how everything around is an illusion, and when we pull ourselves away from the illusion, we feel the world differently, we feel the eternity, we feel the interconnection and with all this our physical and mental barriers gets redefined. Clear perceptions which is detached from the illusion opens up a new door for the new perspective. It’s just amazing to feel the world the way it is, it is just beautiful to realize the truth about ourselves, who really we are! We are the result of evolution of the universe, and will always remain a part of it in the form atoms after our visit to the planet earth.
In the end, I would like to say – imagine if people all over the world were thought this as a child. Let’s not forget to live respectfully of yourself and others. Yes! let the peace, love and respect prevail all over the world, and which indeed depends on each one of us. Our actions, thoughts, or all the things which we create or contribute is just like a vibration which can be sensed by anyone of us, or by anyone which has existence.