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Remember – It All Start With Thoughts

Dreams, Imaginations and Ideas; I believe in all these things and the more I live the more I understand the value of these immaterial things. Just think if we can’t live our dreams then what’s the point of our life? Simply to survive? I want more than survival. I want to actually wake up and be excited about my life. In this post I’m writing some of my thoughts on dreams, imagination and on ideas and how to convert them into physical reality. The difference between the physical reality and dreams or imaginations or ideas can be filled up by the efforts, efforts to convert them into the physical reality. Dreams, Imaginations, Ideas; all these are just the seeds which doesn’t really exist in the material world unless we put some efforts to make them a well-grown fruitful tree. In my point of view, dreams, imaginations and ideas, these all are interconnected. All these are in our mind unless we act upon them and if we really want them to be real then we must make our mind believe that it can do anything if we put all the efforts in the right direction. We just have to believe in our dreams, in our imaginations and in our ideas and if there was ever a moment to follow your heart and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. So start acting as soon as you feel you have something inside your head. Sometimes, if you ever feel like a directionless in the life then just try to follow your intuition, it’s the best thing to follow your intuition and make a decision and then find a new direction and then keep moving on.

It’s always better to work in a group than alone. So whenever you find someone who matches up with your things then just patch up with that person. Working together can make a big difference in all of our lives. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. So never hesitate to try new things if you don’t like the output of your efforts; who knows one day you may get what you dreamed of. It’s somewhat true, life is not easy especially when you plan on achieving something worthwhile like achieving your dreams; as achieving dreams can mean a lot of work and efforts and sometimes, disappointment and frustration too. It requires a lot of energy and resources. So don’t give up easily and just keep exploiting the resources around you. Moreover, it’s not about having the right resources; it’s about exploiting the resources you do have access to. The best thing you can do is do the best with what is in front of you with the resources you do have access to.

I’m learner and I’ll be learner till the end. Right now there’s a lot I don’t know and I’ll always be ready to learn all the things I don’t know. No matter how smart you are or how much you learn there will always be more to learn. Hiding from what you don’t know will bury you right beside your dreams and ideas. So embrace the things you don’t understand and study them. Achieving this understanding is what living your life is all about and when you receive negative feedback, just remember, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it, it matters how many do. There can be few who may incessantly suggest that the idea or dream as a whole is utterly ridiculous. Don’t get disappointed by such things, just keep working to prove yourself, to achieve your destination. As I’ve said before, if there was ever a moment to follow your heart and do something that matters to you, that moment is now. So when you feel you have something in your head then just go for it and put your all efforts to make it real! Remember, in pursuit of your dreams never forget to live your life; just do whatever you like and live your life to the fullest and keep exploring yourself and the world. 🙂