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Think On These Things

Sharing excerpt from ‘Think On These Things’ ~ J Krishnamurti

Questioner: Why are our desires never fully realized? Why are there always hindrances that prevent us from doing completely as we wish?

Krishnamurti: If your desire to do something is complete, if your whole being is in it without seeking a result, without wanting to fulfill – which means without fear – then there is no hindrance. There is a hindrance, a contradiction only when your desire is incomplete, broken up: you want to do something and at the same time you are afraid to do it, or you half want to do something else. Besides, can you ever fully realize your desires? Do you understand? I will explain.

Society, which is the collective relationship between man and man, does not want you to have a complete desire, because if you did you would be a nuisance, a danger to society. You are permitted to have respectable desires like ambition, envy – that is perfectly all right. Being made up of human beings who are envious, ambitious, who believe and imitate, society accepts envy, ambition, belief, imitation, even though these are all intimations of fear. As long as your desires fit into the established pattern, you are a respectable citizen. But the moment you have a complete desire, which is not of the pattern, you become a danger; so society is always watching to prevent you from having a complete desire, a desire which would be the expression of your total being and therefore bring about a revolutionary action.

The action of being is entirely different from the action of becoming. The action of being is so revolutionary that society rejects it and concerns itself exclusively with the action of becoming, which is respectable because it fits into the pattern. But any desire that expresses itself in the action of becoming, which is a form of ambition, has no fulfillment. Sooner or later it is thwarted, impeded, frustrated, and we revolt against that frustration in mischievous ways.

This is a very important question to go into, because as you grow older you will find that your desires are never really fulfilled. In fulfillment there is always the shadow of frustration, and in your heart there is not a song but a cry. The desire to become to become a great man, a great saint, a great this or that – has no end and therefore no fulfillment; its demand is ever for the `more’, and such desire always breeds agony, misery, wars. But when one is free of all desire to become there is a state of being whose action is totally different. It is. That which is has no time. it does not think in terms of fulfillment. Its very being is its fulfillment.

~ J Krishnamurti


Expand The Horizon

A belief is having trust, faith and confidence in something or someone. It is one of the internal feelings which contribute in shaping our way of thinking and our perception too. When our belief changes, it changes our thinking and perception too. A belief is like a slide at a water park. If you fight it, you are just going to hurt yourself. You have to realize yourself that which slide to choose, which slide to ride, which slide to face, and which slide would be better. You are the one who chooses the slide and your mind is what helps you by giving you the options of what slide you want to ride on. Fighting a belief could be frustrating and would not lead to nowhere; so if you find yourself in such a situation of fighting against your belief then it’s always better to give up that belief…

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Happiness, With What it is Connected?

When you constantly fear and doubt to loose happiness, try to know the cause of that happiness, with what it is connected, and if it has some cause, then it is considered as temporary happiness, because if we remove the cause, happiness can also be removed. So don’t look for any cause to be happy, but just choose to be happy. Choose to be free from every such bondage, not easy though but everything starts with practice. We need to understand our own selves better; bondages are only there because there is someone to overcome them, otherwise they would not exit. Try to understand your doubt, fear, and anxiety, with what it is connected and will it help in any case to bring better things? Your happiness will always be yours as long as you live purely in it.

Have a good day/night ~ Vikas

Fear and its Irrationality

I think some of our problems are rooted in fear, and most of the fears are irrational and made up by our thoughts. Usually, we tend to run away from fears, causing fear to be entrenched deeper and deeper.
Question is, is it possible to find the root and cause of fear and its irritionality? Perhaps yes, by not running away from the fear, but taking it head-on, it is possible to find the root and cause of fear and its irrationality, and get rid of the fears and the resulting illusion of problems, altogether.

Product of Thoughts

Fear is a product of thoughts. When I look at it and see that nothing has changed, I understand that it is my mind projecting its own insecurity, and that brings the question – why thought come up with its own insecurity? I think, it is part of old conditioning and its associated images. Part of becoming, identity, self-confidence, comparison. And the old distorted images it brings up which are non-existent in reality.

Life is Simple

Tread carefully but do not fear to speak out your mind and heart, be true to yourself and embrace the truth that emits from selfless love and project it. Inspire courage and hope in the weary of heart, and give patience and understanding to those who seek you with their mind, do not allow them to inhibit you with their fears and insecurities. Life is simple when you have love within you and your mind is at peace, and when there is love within you and your mind is at peace only then you can spread or reflect it around. It is important to rise above delusion and ignorance which are engrained into our psyche.

Smiles ~ Vikas Sharma

Fear and Insecurity

Fear and insecurity haunted most of us in material or professional life and in spiritual life. Most of us, when we are surrounded by the moments of fear and insecurity, we start to crave or search for some relief and for that different methods are suggested, created and followed.

Here the question is, is it natural to have these moments of fear and insecurity, or is it just an error and can be eradicated?


Fear and Insecurity