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The Thinker and his thoughts #1

To make ourselves free from false or negative thoughts, first we have to get in touch with our own selves, and sometime to do this we need to embrace solitude, which most of us are afraid of, because in the silence we can introspect and listen to ourselves better when there is so much chaos in the mind and around us.

Keep it Real

Let me tell you something. Never let yourself down just because someone failed to understand you, never forget that you are important, never hide who you are and how you feel. Always stand up for what you believe in your heart and the good you do, that matters. People can’t do something themselves, they tell you that you’re a loser or that you need to get a life but it’s them that can’t do much good, if they were really living truly, they wouldn’t be saying those things for sure. Never regret the past. There’s a reason for everything. Every moment, every moment of pain, every terrible thing that has happened to you, grow from it but most importantly, stay real and human. Do your thing and never apologize for being you but also never hesitate to apologize if you think you should. It takes courage and pure heart to be yourself in a world where people are just too scared to be themselves. Be free, do what you feel in your heart. Keep it real.

Love #2

Love – let’s call it compassion if it’s unconditional, non judgmental and non preferential. Love – it manifest any time to anyone when selfishness drops completely and which means it’s the absence of selfishness. Love – it’s not about controlling someone, it’s about letting someone free and being comfortable, which means it should make you feel free, not like a prisoner. Love – let’s call it faithfulness, and if it is not then it is mere infatuation.


Quote - Love - lets call it compassion if it's unconditional

Trapped Within Our Own Minds

Trapped within our own minds with delusions, we cannot read others, but in desperation for the answers we lead beliefs that we do, and hence, we surround ourselves with more illusions. First step to be followed is to free our minds from the chamber of delusions and strive to know our own selves more but the question is how when most of us are so conditioned and remain confined by society, belief, culture, media, situation, education which has in some way obstructed our thinking with preconceptions, fears and anxieties?


Trapped within our own Minds with Delusions

Free to Think and Learn

What I feel is to know about reality or truth first you have to detach yourself from all the attachments which are limiting your horizon of learning and critical thinking. The more your mind is free to think and learn, the more you will be closer to reality or truth.

Much love ~ Vikas Sharma