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Let Them Find Their Own Light

There was once a little boy who saw a butterfly starting to come out of its cocoon. He got so excited that he began to peel off the layers of the cocoon to help the butterfly come out, but to his own sadness, the butterfly died.

Sometimes when you think you are helping others by pushing them in the right direction, you may actually be hurting them. It is not your place to criticize how others live their lives. If they come to you for help, then by all means, give them your opinion and guidance, but otherwise, let them find their own light.

I think that the best way we can help someone is by uplifting them, inspiring them and motivating them by showing them the good in the world and leading by example. People aren’t going to respond to negativity and criticism. Even if your intentions are pure, you have to be mindful of how you project them.

Good Day to All ~ Vikas Sharma