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Clouds down to the hills

manikaran, kullu, himachal pradesh, hot water spring, peaceful place.

Location – Manikaran(Himachal Pradesh, India)

Last year I have visited this place second time with some of my friends and this is one of the picture of hills of Manikaran. This is a place worth to visit, a small town surrounded by hills and one can feel the serenity of nature over here. Manikaran is well-known for its hot springs and temples.

Icy Hill…

snow point, solang valley, skiing, zorbing, adventure sports, manali, himachal pradesh.

Snow Point at Solang Valley(Kullu district of Himchal, India)

Under the full Moon

Under the full Moon if you are resting on the shore of a lake,

watching the water coming down from the hills,

the only wish remains in your head is to freeze the time…!!

Nature can’t get better than winters…!!

Hills, White Clouds, Snow, and an Exhilarating View

manali, mountains, hills, snowfall, incredible nature, india.

Location – Manali ( A Hill Station in Kullu District). A Picture Clicked During My Visit to This Place.

Barshaini, manikaran, kheer ganga trek, kalga, himachal pradesh.

Location – Barshaini ( A Nice Place For Trekking ). A Picture Clicked During My Second Visit to Barshaini.

Just a magnificent view of the mountain

a place few miles from Manali, near solang valley.

A picture captured by me, location: a place few miles from Manali

This is just one of the amazing view I have witnessed. It’s a place a few miles from Manali(Himachal Pradesh, India). I was heading towards Solang Valley from Manali with few of my friend and on the way to Solang Valley we had a pleasure to watch this amazing view.